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Thread: Nikon Menu help needed

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    Default Nikon Menu help needed

    Does anyone know how to save a Custom Settings Bank on a D850 (or similar Nikon body. I follow the instructions below and nothing happens :)

    thanks with love, a

    ps: a response or a phone call to 863-221-2372 would be great if you know how to do it :)

    Custom Settings Bank

    G button A Custom Settings menu

    Custom Settings are stored in one of four banks. Changes to settings in one bank have no effect on the others. To store a particular combination of frequently-used settings, select one of the four banks and set the camera to these settings. The new settings will be stored in the bank even when the camera is turned off, and will be restored the next time the bank is selected. Different combinations of settings can be stored in the other banks, allowing the user to switch instantly from one combination to another by selecting the appropriate bank from the bank menu.
    The default names for the four Custom Settings banks are A, B, C, and D. A descriptive caption up to 20 characters long can be added as described in “Text Entry” (0 Text Entry) by highlighting the menu bank and pressing 2.
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    Go into the Pencil menu. Then go into the Custom settings bank menu. Pick one of the letters. Rename it as you see fit (I have banks named Action and Portraits). Go back to the Pencil menu, and make sure that you see the custom settings bank you're trying to program at the top of the menu. Customize all the menu options you want; they should then be programmed into that custom settings bank. To test things out, repeat the above steps for a second custom settings bank. Then switch back and forth between the two and see if the menu settings change.
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