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    Following in the footsteps of Philpot, Mitchell & Ashton, here is another Hare, albeit a chance encounter...

    I wasn't expecting to do any photography in the last two weeks, but always take some bit of kit with me and so the 500, 5D4 & 1.4 was packed in the bag just in case. Having decided to take a stroll in one of my old stomping grounds I was pleased to spot the fleeting glimpse of a Little owl, not seen since a year ago and back to an old haunt. Taking a few days out just to observe it was indeed one of the previous owls I had photographed, easily identified because of the torn eye and it had come back to were it had been hatched, the old Willow tree with the Jackdaws, sadly not inhabiting the owl box erected some 7 years ago.

    So whilst camping out this wee chap turned up unannounced, not ideal as it was backlit and I had to shoot backwards and these guys are super spooked. More of a grab shot, at least 2/3rds under, and if time allowed I would changed the metering, however... The eye just lit up with the light and so I swopped to spot AF and managed to fire a few frames off.

    The last day I tried to do more with these uncooperative guys, but certainly IMHO, shooting silent is less than ideal, so back to normal mode, but that is one advantage of Mirrorless cameras, they are SILENT!

    Thanks to those who posted or viewed on the last posting.


    Subject: Brown Hare (Lepus)
    Location: UK
    Camera: Canon 5D4
    Lens: 500f/4MKII plus 1.4x Flexline pro ball head, Gitzo tripod
    Exposure: 1/1250s at f/8 ISO400
    Original format: Portrait, FF on width, slight crop at the top
    Processed via: LRCC Classic & PSCC2019

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