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    Default Colors

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    I made this image in Red Butte Garden, UT couple of weeks back. I wanted to emphasize on the colors of the flower.

    Image taken on overcast day. I don't remember if I had a diffuser on (Sun was peaking sometimes so for some shots I used diffuser).

    I made this background earlier and had it stick to cardboard. I placed it behind the flower and took this image.

    Let me know if it looks natural.

    Nikon D500, Sigma 150 f/2.8 Macro
    1/160 sec; f/9; ISO 400
    Manual; Matrix metering
    Using Selective Focus in Live View.

    Post Processing:-
    Raw Processing using C1P
    No Cropping
    Nik 25-25 Filter on the Flower at reduced opacity
    Neat Image NR
    Sharpening for Presentation
    Burn and Dodge selectively
    Cloned out small twig in lower right side, which was touching flower.

    Let me know your thoughts and comments.


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    The square crop is nice. Like the colors on this one as well the compliment one another nicely. The background is excellent. Focus is spot on.

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