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Thread: Dramatic Hawk Attack on Squirrel

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    Michael Castellano

    Default Dramatic Hawk Attack on Squirrel

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    Let me begin by saying that it was really hard not to intervene -- I happen to love squirrels. But I managed to restrain myself. The hunt lasted 20 minutes, with the hawk hopping around from branch to branch trying to grab the squirrel. At one point it did grab it for an instant, pulling a large tuft of hair out of the neck on the opposite side of the squirrel but not drawing any blood -- you can't see it in this shot.

    I'm not going to reveal the outcome of the hunt yet as I may post more from this series. But I can tell you that the squirrel didn't panic as the hawk hopped around trying to scare him into making a run for it. Rather, he faced the hawk off and even walked towards it at times. Actually, there were two red tailed hawks! But one hawk was doing all the hunting, the other was in another tree most of the time seemingly indifferent. The hunter may have been the mother of the watching sibling.

    The squirrel seemed to know how to use the large tree branches as a defense mechanism by keeping on the opposite or underside of it when the hawk feigned an attack. He avoided the tiny branches where he'd be a sitting duck. You could also here all the squirrels in the area growling to each other as an alert mechanism!

    A video made up of photos from this hunt can be viewed here.

    Hand-held, Canon 20D, ISO 400, F-11, 1/400 SS, 115mm focal length.

    December 14, 2006, Prospect Park Long Meadow, Brooklyn, NY
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    Fabs Forns


    Very interesting, if it ends bad, I'd rather not know it :(

    That bird look VERY determined :eek:

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    COOL! I think that I would like to see the outcome. As I have always loved the hawk and will always have it in my heart.

    This picture is great. I love that you have them both in the frame and also that most of their bodies are in the frame.

    Good job here me thinks.


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    Michael Castellano


    The video link basically gives the outcome, Fabs. And (clue) ends with the theme from "Rocky."

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    Michael Castellano


    Thanks, Shama. I like both animals, but the final results of the hunt surprised me.

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    Julie Kenward


    Well, now that I know the outcome I'm going to watch the video! I have a soft spot for squirrels as well. Beautiful image and wonderful mood setter. It really holds the viewer's attention!

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