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Thread: Oxbow Bend Sunrise

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    Default Oxbow Bend Sunrise

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    Going through a few edits from the fall; Sunrise at Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton NP.

    Canon 7DII, 17-55mm lens at 43mm, f14, ISO 250, 1/5 sec.

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    Hi Paul

    A beautiful morning captured here. You have a lot of foreground here with only a hint of a reflection that could have been made a lot stronger if you had of used a much longer exposure. I have a feeling this is hand held however and maybe that wasn't an option..? The stronger reflection would have justified the inclusion of so much FG, while at the moment I think you could comfortably loose at least half of the presented. I see a bit of noise in the image and the trees on the far side of the lake are not as sharp as I might have hoped for. Shooting to the right of the histogram and then correcting in post would help with the noise here..


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