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    Getting Desperate

    I am now offering a $1,000 discount on the single opening for the Falklands trip. The details are immediately below.

    A Once-in-a Lifetime Land-based Falklands Opportunity. But You Must Act Now.

    The freedom offered nature photographers in the Falklands is unparalleled. This trip sold out in minutes when it was announced 18 months ago. There is only a single opening … If you are good to go, please call my cell immediately at 863-221-2372 and shoot me an e-mail if I miss your call and you leave a message. Personable, happy campers only please.

    Due to a cancellation, there is one opening on my Falklands Land-based IPT DEC 22, 2018 thru JAN 5, 2019. I checked yesterday and the Saturday-only flights to Stanley, The Falklands (on 12/22/18) and back to Santiago, Chile (on 1/5/19) are both still currently open.

    Falklands Land-based IPT DEC 22, 2018 thru JAN 5, 2019/Two Weeks: Limit 7 photographers/one opening due to a cancellation: was $8499/Now $7499!

    I will be leading an innovative land-based Falklands IPT leaving from Stanley, The Falklands on SAT 22 DEC 2018 and flying back to Santiago, Chile on SAT JAN 5, 2019. Why innovative? We will be spending six nights at The Neck on Saunders Island, one of the premier wildlife photography destinations on the planet. That followed by three nights on Sea Lion Island, and ending up with four nights on Bleaker. Note that most BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Nature’s Best contests usually honor multiple images made in The Falklands each year.
    What else is innovative? Most two-week land-based photo trips have you visiting four or five or even six islands hopping on a FIGAS plane every two days or so. As you are at the mercy of the flight operations you may miss several mornings or afternoons of photography. Why not stay at three great locations, locations that offer the best photo opps without any long walks?. On Saunders we will get to photograph Gentoos, Magellanic, and a small King Penguin colony. The Rockhoppers return to land en masse each evening. We will witness lots of predation. On Bleaker we will get close to several great species with ease including point-blank chances on Rock Shag, a very difficult subject. At The Neck we will be staying in a rustic cabin right in the heart of the action. There is great stuff on Sea Lion a short walk from the lovely lodge. On Bleaker we will be enjoying near-luxury accommodations, great home-cooked meals, and will have two vehicles at our disposal.

    What else? The first Black-browed Albatross chicks hatch every year on or about 12 DEC. If you visit in early January you will miss most of the tiny chicks. And worse yet, the Rockhopper Penguin chicks are leaving by the second week of January. This trip is timed to get you chances on tiny fluffy white albatross chicks, some of the larger fluffy white chicks, and the rockhopper chicks as well. Along with lots of Gentoo chicks of all sizes at all three locations.

    With several years of experience on the Falklands, more than six in fact, nobody knows how to read the sky conditions, the wind, and the light better than me and have the group in the best possible spot at all times. With lots of strong west winds, you will need someone who knows how to put you in position to make good images on near-impossible mornings.

    If you are good to go, please call my cell immediately at 863-221-2372 and shoot me an e-mail if I miss your call and you leave a message. Personable, happy campers only please.

    ps: You can make a ton of great images on this trip with “just” an 80- or 100-400mm lens.

    What’s Included

    This IPT is all-inclusive from Stanley to Stanley but for beer, wine, and internet if you so choose. The cost of all food, all lodging, all guide services, and the inter island FIGAS flights are included but you will need to pay any overweight baggage charges on the Figas flights. You will need to pay for your flights from home to Santiago, Chile (SCL), for your hotel and meals in Santiago, and for your flights to and from from SCL to Stanley (MPN). Transfers, the last night’s lodging at Malvinas House (along with dinner and breakfast there) are included. I will do my very best — depending on flight scheduling — to set up a Rockhopper trip on Stanley. There will be one or two optional condor outings offered in Santiago.

    A $3,000 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot for this IPT. As time is of the essence, you will need to call the office immediately with a credit card in hand at 863-692-0906 to leave your deposit. You balance is due immediately after you register.
    BIRDS AS ART Blog: great info and lessons, lots of images with our legendary BAA educational Captions.: we will not sell you junk. 30+ years of long lens experience/e-mail with gear questions.
    BIRDS AS ART Online Store: we will not sell you junk. 35 years of long lens experience. Please e-mail with gear questions.

    BIRDS AS ART Instructional Photo Tours (IPTs): San Diego -- January 2019, Galapagos Photo Cruise of a Lifetime -- July 2019. UK Puffins, Gannets, and Red Kites, late June 2019.

    E-mail for BPN member IPT discount info.

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