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Thread: Portland area in March?

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    Judd Patterson

    Default Portland area in March?

    I just learned of a meeting that will probably bring me up to the Portland area the first week in March 2009. My very basic understanding of PNW climate tells me that I'll probably see a lot of cloudy weather (more so than when I visited in the summer). Can anyone comment on the progress of spring in the area? I wonder what the Columbia River Gorge area will look like at that time (starting to green up?). Maybe I should plan on some snow-shoeing around Mount Hood instead? Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Roman Kurywczak


    Hey Judd,
    I have a couple of ideas for you..............that probably won't require snowshoeing..or maybe just a little Although I have never been there in the winter............the falls.........hopefully flowing but still in ice.........along the Columbia River gorge are very acessible. Even if you have to do a bit of shoeing to get to a few that are a bit further away........may make a better subject in the overcast. Plenty of info on the web and they are very much in order and easy driving distance from Portland. Even though Multnomah had a bridge in the FG...........seen pictures with ice and it looks very cool. i'll see if I have any links to send you when I get to my desktop later.

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    Judd Patterson


    Thanks for the ideas Roman. I've seen some late March photographs from the Columbia River Gorge and it is definitely greening up and no longer in the grasp of winter. I'd love to hear from a local, but my guess is that the snows/ice typically leave the falls in late February. Still, I think I'll certainly have to give them a look...thanks!

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    Becky Clark



    It is really hard to say what the weather will be - usually though you can expect cold rain,gray skies and fog. The gorge is starting to green up though, and if we happen to get a day or 2 of sunny weather, the beauty of it all can take your breath away, even if you've lived here a forever! I The same is true about Mt. Hood and the Cascades. I live further south (Salem area) so others from the Portland area may be able to give more specific details

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