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    Hello, I am building a multi-panel image of a lighthouse over-laid on the moon in Photoshop. I am having trouble figuring out how to add foliage (grass, plants, trees) to the foreground that will overlay part of the lighthouse to make the lighthouse look like it belongs where I have placed it in the image. I know how top select objects etc in Photoshop but not trees with small limbs and leaves, tall grass, and foliage with many fine parts. Any suggestions would help a great deal.

    Thanks...Terry Johnson

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    Somewhat tedious, but lots of masked layers should do it. Trees and limbs are hard. Get a trial copy of topaz remask. Not perfect by any means, but if the trees are against a contrasting background you should be able to separate them (there may be better masking programs now... I have not kept up to date). Nice sharp Lunar image!

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