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Thread: Paper preference for your prints

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    Question Paper preference for your prints

    I recently purchased a Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer and am learning my way around it. It definitely matches the reviews I have seen on its quality of prints.

    On to the title question. What paper type do you prefer for prints of your photos? I have sent photos for print and have only ordered the luster paper, but am looking to see if I am limiting myself through its use. Brand preference is OK to add if you feel it is applicable.

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    I prefer Glossy just because the colors look more vibrant and shadow details look better (on a table looking down on it with white light illuminating the photo from the top/side). One option for you would be to print the same image (one that has some shadow detail and highlight detail both) at say 11x17 on a few different papers and compare them side by side. You can do that from a lab like Adorama (that should cost about $20-$40). Or print on various papers from your own printer but that might turn out to be costlier / wasteful considering you can't just buy 2 sheets of printing paper at a time. I do not printing professionally and for my amateur interest to hang a few wildlife / nature prints (16x20 and 12x16 around the house), glossy worked out just fine.

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