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Thread: Daytona Beach last 2 Weeks of March, Bird-Photographing hints and suggestions around ??

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    Question Daytona Beach last 2 Weeks of March, Bird-Photographing hints and suggestions around ??

    I need a little help from the florida specialists here...

    My family and i will stay at Daytona Beach/Florida ( Residence In by Marriot) from March 19. to 29. , the next month i mean.
    we`ve planned orlando, cape canaveral, trip through the everglades, miami sightseeing and so on...
    (Ok i know -as a european- it could be a little problem with the spring breakers around Daytona Beach, i hope it is nearly over then ??) What would you say ?

    It is a compromise vacation, not a really foto trip.

    But of course i want to take a little time for BIRD-photographing, mostly in the (early) morning hours from 6h to 9h i think .
    I have a car all the time, but i don`t want to spend too much time only on the road and of course even not only time with walking to come to a good birding place. but i have no problem to start at 5 or so..

    So my questions are these:

    Does anybody has good places around Daytona Beach ? (Concrete Place/GPS or web would be great)

    Any type Spots, Trails or Drives are welcome, but they have to be open BEFORE Eight ;)

    I would prefer any kind of birds of prey like bald eagles, all kites, ospreys and so on.. even if there is a place for the nice burrowing owls, that would be great
    second all kinds of egrets and herons are welcome, also pelicans or little shore birds

    Thank you so much, it will be great to hear(read) here a few hints
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