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Thread: Brown Something or Other on a lovely this or that

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    Default Brown Something or Other on a lovely this or that

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    I'm new to birding photography still so I've just begun to learn the name of birds and their behaviors. Not sure what the name of this bird is - nor the name of the bush he's sitting on. A happy percher behind my work area from yesterday. It was cloudy with occasional misty rain. Not idea light but I thought this one worked out pretty well. Slight crop and Art/Arash NR treatments.

    Other: D500/300 PF f4 @ 1/2000. 5.6 420mm, ISO 1250

    C&C welcome.

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    Not sure on this guy either -- where was the image taken? I like the perch, BG colors, and head angle / pose here. Vertical works for me as well. I could see a bit more NR done on the background as well. I know I've harped on this a couple times now but I'm still not quite seeing the fine detail on the bird that I would expect? It looks like too much NR was applied on the bird itself as especially the back feathers look a bit smudged. What settings are you using in neat image for the NR on the bird? TFS

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    The bird is a California Towhee. Can't help you with the bush but it sure is a pretty bush. I do think the image quality could be better but this is a step in the right direction. Perch is excellent as is the background. I would also raise the exposure a little as well.

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