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Thread: Red-Tailed Hawk

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    Default Red-Tailed Hawk

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    Great outing a few months back that reeled in this fella. It was golden-hour and if he didn't just choose the prefect spot to return with his catch. Not until I got back home did I see that "On the one "hand" he had his mouse, but on the other he had a nasty infection." Kinda felt bad for everyone concerned. But, still happy with the shootout.

    Settings: Nikon D500 with 300 PF f.4, 1/600, 5.6, 420mm @ ISO 1400 - HH. Post: removed some distracting bkg limbs and NR with NeatPhoto.

    C&C welcome.

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    I like the outstretched wing, and the nice light. The off-angle light direction and cluttered perch aren't working for me.

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    Ditto Bill, the hawk was posing for you but the cluttered BG and the side light weren't helping you much here
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