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    Dottie and I went to the rookery at Gatorland this morning. This Peacock was perched high on one of the tower for the Zip Line over the alligator breeding pond. I am not sure if it is a captive bird or one of our feral population that has take up residence at Gatorland. Comments and critique welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for viewing.

    Nikon D500
    Nikon 80-400mm F/4.5-5.6 VRII AF-S ED shot at 400mm
    1/2000 F/7.1 Matrix Metering EV +1 ISO 640 AWB, camera supported by a monopod
    Post processed in Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC 2017
    Cropped for composition and presentation
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    Well exposed, sharp, the 'crown' shows well against the sky.

    I do find the perspective a bit of challenge however. It has changed the proportions of the bird enough that the body dominates the image, downplaying the wonderful head they have. A less steep angle would have been more flattering.



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