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Thread: San Diego Orange-crowned Warbler

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    Default San Diego Orange-crowned Warbler

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    Took my first bird-photography-specific adventure in some years - to San Diego this February. This was a bit of a grab shot (while shooting Cali Scrub Jays & Cali Towhees) - but was pretty happy with how it turned out. It opened my eyes as to why "western" OCWA are brighter green than eastern birds (note the similarity between this common native shrub & the bird!). Would be keen to see what others think of it.

    I've also been writing little "my take on this hotspot" posts on my website - - which I thought may be interesting for some people - compared to the extremely detailed/experienced takes that exist for some of these places.

    Happy Shooting!


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    Default Comp

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    Hi Brandon and welcome to BPN! Nice first post and I definitely do see that they match the native plant very well. I can see why you chose this comp but the bird is pretty centered so I posted a comp that I envisioned. Also the heavy shadow on the bird isn't very pleasing but not much you could have done.
    Look forward to more from your San Diego adventure.
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    I agree with David's comments, esp. the crop/composition.

    The color match between bird and foliage is remarkable.

    Be sure to include your shooting/equip details with the image, it helps us understand its creation better.

    Look forward to more.

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    I think if you would have composed along the lines David suggests, but with the bird as small as in the OP, than that would have been the ideal. I like how you have it small as it makes it look like another leaf form the bush it was perched in. I like the effect of the oof leaves. Bummer about that shadow but it is what it is.

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