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    Default Osprey.

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    I took this at a place called Thistle Island on the South Coast of South Australia . Mr Thistle was the leading seaman on a longboat which sent off by his captain Matthew Flinders with six others in 1803 when mapping [some still used today] the Australian coast. These seaman were never seen again,so each has an island named after him. Nevertheless it has at least one magnificent Osprey's nest which has been in place for countless productive years . There doesn't seem to be much variation round the world but this female seems to be a subspecies some times called Christatus. Just interested to know if
    someone may notice some variation from the northern Hemisphere bird.

    40% crop

    All c and c very welcome`

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    Nice capture Ian. I was just about to comment on the different look to this Osprey, then I read more of your info. It looks cool and I can see a difference, mainly in the brown feathers around the neck. I'm glad the head is in the light but the rest of the body being shaded isn't as desirable. Nice details and I like the sky color although it could use some Noise reduction. Nice job with the DO
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