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Thread: Southern White Rhino

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    Default Southern White Rhino

    As this is a Captive animal I cannot include it in Wildlife - but it is obviously not a fun shot or subject!

    This is a Southern White Rhino or square-lipped rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) - not many left and only a handful of the Northern White Rhinos left, (only 3 in 2015 all in captivity) .... all in all they are extinct in the Wild, (since 2016) ....... this may surprise people but the White Rhino is now extinct in the wild and maybe not too long before there are none left in Africa in Captivity as hunters continue to be successful in killing the animals in Game Reserves to supply the Chinese with powdered horn which is now worth more than Gold per ounce.

    I took the image in a large (fenced) Game Reserve in S Africa earlier this year ... in 2015 they lost an animal through hunting, the hunters will get into the reserve and camp out undetected for days waiting to get a shot - (The Rangers need more AK47's to stop the hunters!!)

    I got near - maybe too near as this image is not cropped but taken with a 300mm lens

    sorry that I have chopped off the feet, (which I don't mind) - but I was concentrating on the head

    these animals are a white, bluey, grey colour with a tinge of pink

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    Bill - It seems you misunderstood my PM. We allow images of captive wildlife with a (C) in the title to clearly identify it as captive. We do not allow farm animals, livestock or pets. You should also re-read what I said about wildlife in large fenced national parks or private reserves and how we delineate between whether they are wild or captive. I prefer not to have you disclose where a rhino image was taken. You can send me a PM if you need more clarification.


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