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    This image is from as 2007 trip to Denali National Park in Alaska. It's such a vast and primitive place that I have continually thought of creation while looking at it. This shot is from the Polychrome Pass region. It was my first digital outing after many, many years of film work and I had not yet discovered how different digital was so I mad some mistakes treating the sensor like film. As a result the image has some technical weaknesses and is a bit difficult in post. Nevertheless, I think (hope) viewers find it expressive. Hope you enjoy it.

    Shot with a borrowed D60 (not 60D) and a Canon EF28-135 @112mm. 1/1000 @ f9.5. ISO 400 (it is slightly underexposed - the clouds fooled both me and the camera).

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    Great first outing....words so appropriate. It's almost as if God is moving ahead, creating as He His path is smooth valley, ahead, the snow on the mans, etc look like the explosions of creation. Very nice.

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