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Thread: Brown hare leveret ( for an incredible lady the mod of this forum)

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    Default Brown hare leveret ( for an incredible lady the mod of this forum)

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    Gabriela I thought I'd share these with you my hope is only that some where in amongst them you might find a smile in this difficult time ,my heart is with you .

    The pics that will follow are in part my best efforts at trying to photograph the young,(we call them leverets) of the European brown hare (Lepus europaeus ). I have a deep fascination with this wonderful animal that is surrounded by mystique in my homeland.

    I'm largely a stalker I try to use my abilities with camo gear and low approach to basically get close to these animals. I have to be close my focal range is somewhat limiting, in photographic terms ,but that is how it is. So basically I hug the ground and try to present the smallest possible profile to the hare. They can be quite curious and actually approach one. I am compromised by the sound the camera makes in my efforts but it's great fun and a huge challenge. I often start shooting way too early or go into silent and if the hare is ok with my prescence i'll move up to high continuous as the chances allow.
    My first image is a youngster that I tried to build a bond with she lives by my house,I failed in my attempts for that bond but this is my favorite shot of her/him. It is too big a crop but taken smack as the sun was setting and with her stood up trying to work out where exactly I am (obviously the shutter is my downfall) is special for me. Before I go further i'm using a 1Div and canon 300f/2.8 with a 1.4extiii for these shots. So here is the first: 1/1250 f4 iso 1000 which I call sunset leveret.

    From here we move forwards to a more recent encounter,I have hares by my house now this is a new and wonderful thing,they have always been here,but gradually my home is changing from boardering farmland to boardering woodland so they are getting ever closer and it seems more numerous. Before this we have spent eons hunting good spots down where we might get the joy of just being with them. This was really before I took up wanting to take wildlife pictures,but surely it has enhanced my chances of a picture. so the set to follow is from one of those spots.

    I'd pulled up in the car and almost as expected a hare was close,too close it spooked and ran off up a footpath For once, I just simply forgot myself green and camo seem to be my day wear when not working,but this time I should have spent a few seconds getting my hands and face covered and set off after her. I found her and in all probablity could have got up to a knee and still remained at eye level; She was up a bank,but sadly I was left trying to shoot through bright grasses in silent mode trying to be invisible behind a bramble stem. The little guy had a daffy five minutes which had tears of joy in my eyes,I genuinely struggled not to laugh out loud. I can only dream of what could have been but for my mistake. So i'll pop up what I feel are the best I could do,but I've learnt a hard lesson in my haste,as what I should have here should be very special...very very special,sadly they aren't but I'm slowly learning. These were taken with the same gear I only have these tools,all are processed in DPP4. 1/1250 f4 iso 800

    I have been shown so much kindness here Gabrieala and Andre showed me things that will stay with me, a beginner, for my life, so this is my tiny way of saying thank you. It's nothing I know under the circumstances. But I just wanted to share some of my joy with one of my mentors in this sad time.

    i'd welcome critique but really this is a humble guy's effort to say thanks and not much more this isn't about me it's for an incredible lady whom has inspired me with her eloquence and kindness

    I adore those ears,they are way to big and within that Gabby is why I have posted this,they always make me smile that's all I can try to give you back it isn't enough

    take care mate


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