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Thread: Hand Tinting Made Easy

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    Fabs Forns

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    Since we have a new Gallery that can host this type of images, here's an easy way to do them:

    First, convert the image to B&W by your favorite method. If you have not done it before, PS has an Image>Adjustments>B&W that can do the job fairly well.
    Duplicate the layer (Control/Command J). Make this layer invisible by clicking on the eye icon in that layer. Using the Eye Dropper in the Tools palette, take a sample of one of the colors. That will put that chosen color as the foreground in the Black and White Tool' color swatches. Click on the eye again to go back to the B&W layer. Select the brush (B in your keyboard) and reduce the opacity to a value between 10 to 30% and paint some color to the image. You can adjust the opacity to taste or go over more than once for deeper color. If you want, make the brushes hardness a little stronger for borders. Repeat the steps for the rest of the colors, or leave some in B&W. You can use White at 25% to add highlights and Gray to add shadows.
    Once you are finished, process your image as usual, curves, sharpening etc..

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    Julie Kenward


    Oh I am so going to try this over the weekend! Thanks Fabs.

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