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Thread: A dawn to dusk day on the west coast

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    Default A dawn to dusk day on the west coast


    Another 'where to go' thread!

    First week in June this year, I'll be having a few days staying on Treasure Island. This is part of a family holiday, so 'me' time is limited to a couple of hours each day, which I plan to spend at Fort Desoto. I'll be getting Arties guide for this.

    However, I will get one full day to myself and have come up with the following plan, which I appreciate is a bit of a whistle stop tour, but given the circumstances I can't get to know specific locations like I'd like to.

    So - Out of bed early and drive down to Sanibel Island for the sunrise hours (more specific research needed on my part for the best locations), followed by a drive over to Cape Coral to scout out Burrowing Owl locations, then shoot them as the light improves before driving back for a beer and a sleep.

    Gear wise, I'll be taking my 5d3 with 500mm f4is v1 and 1.4x. Currently I have the 70-200mm f4is, but plan to change this for either a 70-200mm f2.8 is ii with converter or the new 100-400mm ii. I'm currently leaning towards the latter for this trip, although the faster shorter zoom may see more action back in the UK.

    WDYT? All suggestions welcome



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    I'll do a similar trip next April. Checkout the thread here in this forum.
    There is a guy from Germany doing a similar trip (1week) but at the end of March.
    Check this e-book. It was very helpful to me. This guy is also from England. Great pictures too.

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    Mike, you aren't going to have to go very far for good photography if you are going to be on Treasure Island. Contact me as it gets closer to your trip and I"ll suggest where you may well want to go.
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