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    Default Posting Guidelines for Workshop Forum

    Posting Guidelines for Workshop Forum:

    To post an "advertisement" in the Workshops, Lectures and Events forum you must be a paid BPN member in good standing.

    We require a "post count" (starting a thread or commenting on another thread, count as "posts") minimum of 200 before for your first Workshops, Lectures and Events listing.

    The annual "post count" requirement for advertising in the Workshops, Lectures and Events forum is 500 posts.
    That's less than 1.4 posts per day.

    If after a 12 month period from the listing date, you fail to meet the 500 post requirement, you agree to pay BPN $250 per advertisement that did not meet that requirement.

    This is a service for BPN members to offer Workshops, Lectures and Events advertisements free of charge (with qualifying post count).
    But more importantly this forum is an area where BPN Members and Contributors can select a workshop with complete confidence.

    No more than 3 listings from a single workshop conductor on the forum at any one time.
    Please do not use a font larger than "4" and no more than two links per add.

    All listings have a 6 month self life, they will be deleted after that period. If the listing is still valid, feel free to re-list.

    Please PM me when you list a workshop. This will ensure speedy approval and listing.

    Thank You,
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