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Thread: Myakka State Park Update

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    Default Myakka State Park Update

    Went to Myakka State Park Monday and had a great day.. Got there early and stayed late. Saw the following animals and birds.. Deer, Wild Hogs, Turkeys, two Raccoons, numerous Squirrels, quite a few Alligators, with a couple of very large ones 10-12' long. We saw Hawks, a couple of Owls, Great Blue Herons, White Egrets, Green heron, Limpkin, Rosette Spoonbills, several species of Ducks, Ospreys, Black and Turkey Vultures and a Bald Eagle. Overall, it was one of our better days at the park...

    The secret to Myakka State Park is to drive VERY SLOW and look carefully. We had to pull over numerous times to let other vehicles go by. But you don't see much traveling at 25 mph through the Park. Also, be sure and park in the Boat Ramp parking lot and take the trail to the Dam. It is only about a 100 yard walk , and you never know what you will see. The Dam is where we saw the Limpkins, the Rosette Spoonbills and a lot of the Alligators. Also, pay a visit to the Birdwalk on the North side of the park...

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    Went out to Myakka today and drove the entire park. The water is VERY high. Went over to the weir where I saw one limpkin, one great blue heron, a little blue, some alligators and many black vultures. Saw a few turkeys along the road and out in the fields, along with a few deer. The water has been unusually high this season and has really made it unfortunately sparse in terms of photography subjects.
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