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Thread: Anyone Going to Florida Birding and Photo Fest?

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    Roman Kurywczak

    Default Anyone Going to Florida Birding and Photo Fest?

    Just letting you all know that there are a few spaces left for my wildlife presentations on Thursday and Sunday as well as my night photography program on early afternoon Sunday. Over 1000' people have seen that program but mostly in the NE so don't miss this chance to see it as I don't know when I will be back down in Florida for presentations! You can find my macro workshops and the entire festival schedule here. Use the photo Seminars menu to see the days events with links to gt your ticket.

    Don't forget to stop by my booth as well to say hello and chat! I will be going out to shoot Friday and Saturday afternoon as well as Saturday morning.

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    Roman Kurywczak


    I was great to see Cheryl Slechta and Maureen Allen there.....although the weather :( and my schedule didn't allow us to go out shooting! Next time ladies!!!

    As always a pleasure!

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    Hi, Roman, it was great seeing you there - wish we'd had more time! The weather wasn't very cooperative
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