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Thread: Dovrefjell, Norway

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    Hillebrand Breuker

    Default Dovrefjell, Norway

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    During the last week of september 2007 I travelled through 3 naturereserves in Norway. This is Dovrefjell. In this area lives a population muskoxes. I was very happy that I could photograph them, but scenery ain't bad either

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    Robert Amoruso


    I like the colors and the look of the image. The rock in the FG right bottom is too close the edge. I might have moved left or right to better position the tree that is now in the middle FG to the left or right in the frame. I like the use of the river as a leading line through the image. Thanks for posting.

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    Rich Ikerd


    Beautiful colors Hillebrand. You might also consider a pano crop with the river starting near the lower right corner and eliminating some of that cloudy sky.

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    I like the lines and layers in the image a lot, especially the parallel lines of the stream and ridge. The colors look like they were great in this area, but I wonder if a little white balance adjustment might bring a little more warmth into them then what we see here.


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