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    June 6 - June 30 Wild Colour Gary Ellwein - Red Lighthouse

    May 23 - June 5 Bokeh Hazel Grant - Ice Chandelier

    May 9 - May 22 Simplicity/Minimalism Gary Ellwein - "Bed-Roll"

    April 25 - May 8 Shadows and Light Wendy Kates - "Fences"

    April 11 - April 24 Trees and Wood Gary Ellwein - "Tac Toe Anyone"

    Mar 28 - April 10 Go Green! (Three Way Tie!)! Judy Howle - "Gatorzilla" Anita Bower - "Green Leaf of a Carnivorous Plant" Michael Gerald-Yamasaki - "A green Cloak for the Dwarf"

    Mar 14 - Mar 27 Looking Up/Looking Down Michael Gerald-Yamasaki - Up is just a matter of perspective

    Feb 28 - Mar 13 Rim or Backlighting Gary Ellwein - "Backlit Sheep"

    Feb 14 - Feb 27 Get Out of Your Box! Wendy Kates - "Waves of Colour"

    Jan 31 - Feb 13 Red...... for Valentines Anita Bower -"Red Parrot Tulip"

    Jan 17 - Jan 30 - Dave Phillips Tribute Michael Gerald-Yamasaki - "Diamond Formation"

    Jan 3 - Jan 16/2015 - Reflections for the New Year Kerry Perkins - "Sunset Reflections"

    Dec 20 - January 2/2015 Happy Holidays Anita Bower -"Happy Holidays"

    Dec 6 - Dec 19/2014 - Macro/Extreme Close-up Anita Bower - "Mum"

    Nov 22 - Dec 5/2014 - Things That are Black Michael Gerald-Yamasaki - "Cientos"

    Nov 8 - Nov 21/2014 - Nature's Bounty Gary Ellwein - "Goose Blizzard"

    Oct 25 - Nov 7/2014 - Things That are Spooky Mitch Carucci - "Halloween Sky"

    Oct 11 - Oct 24/2014 - Graphic Looks Mitch Carucci - "Chesapeake City Bridge"

    Sept 27 - Oct 10/2014 - White on White Michael-Gerald Yamasaki - "The Hunt"

    Sept 13 - Sept 26/2014 - Chiaroscuro Michael Gerald Yamasaki - "Manhattan - 30 Stories Up"

    Aug 30- Sept 12/2014 - Water Kerry Perkins - "Arrakis the Dune Planet"

    Aug 16 - Aug 29/2014 - Multiple Exposures! Wendy Kates - "The Acropolis Spawns a Flower Child"

    Aug 2 - Aug 15/2014 - Infrared, Real or Simulated Jackie Schuknecht - "And the Living is Easy"

    July 19 - Aug 1/2014 - Dramatic Lighting Paul Lagasi - "Sunset Glow"

    July 5 - July18/2014 - Something Old Michael Gerald Yamasaki - "Old Processing"

    June 21 - July 4/2014 - Creative Blurs Michael Gerald-Yamasaki - "Focus"

    June 7-June 20/2014 - Summertime Linz River Balmer - "Pre-Monsoon Ready to Rumble"

    May 24-June 6 - Break the rule of thirds! Anita Bower - "Clematis"

    May 10 - May 23 - Painterly treatments Dennis Bishop -
    Church of the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer"

    April 26 - May 9 - Spring has sprung Wendy Kates - "Water Lilies"

    April 12 - April 25 - Creative Use of saturation/desaturation Anita Bower - "C Square Farm"

    March 29 - April 11 - Fog Jackie Schuknecht - "The Wave"

    March 15 - March 28 - Panorama Judy Howle - "Panorama Gone Wrong"

    THEME: Geometry: March 1 - March 14
    Angles II - Wendy Kates

    THEME: Creative Use of Depth of Field: February 15 - February 28 Anita Bower - "F2 Rose"

    THEME: Dave Phillips Tribute: February 1 - February 14
    A Tear in the Aorta - Jackie Schuknecht

    THEME: Small in the Frame: January 18- January 31
    Small in the Frame by Randall Farhy

    THEME: Reflections on a New Year: January 4 - January 17
    Reflections on the New Year - Jackie Schuknecht

    Theme: Frozen Water: December 21-January 3
    Snowflakes in the Land of Snow by Michael Gerald-Yamasaki

    Textures (12-20-2013)
    Thunder Thighs, Amol Khedgiker

    Things you are thankful for (12-6-2013)
    Color & Light, Michael Gerald-Yamasaki

    Eyes of a living thing (11-22-2013)
    Sharp-eyed Hummer, Judy Howle

    Theme: Spooky pics (11-08-2013)
    Spooky Woods, Judy Howle

    Theme: Unique perspectives (12-25-2013)
    My favorite color and favorite place, Linz River Balmer

    Theme: From the backyard (10-11-2013)
    Cosmos, Anita Bower

    Theme: Toned images (9-27-2013)
    Grand Canyon Desert View, Michael Gerald-Yamasaki

    Theme: Chiaroscuro (9-13-2013)
    Mountain Gorilla, Nancy Bell

    Theme: Scratch Art (8-30-2013)
    Scratched it myself, Michael Gerald-Yamasaki

    Theme: What is it? - no really, what is it? (8-16-2013)
    Good for the soul, Judy Howle

    Theme: Under the weather (8-2-2013)
    Who has seen the wind, Nancy Bell

    Theme: Single filter (7-19-2013)
    Hibiscus in the rain, Judy Howle

    Theme: Red,White & Blue (07-06-2013)
    Star & Stripes Nancy Bell

    Theme: Cell Phone Images (06-22-2013)
    Clematis Judy Howle

    Theme: Magic (06-08-2013)
    Magic Drops Maureen Allen

    Theme: Babies! (05-25-2013)
    Horse Foal Nancy Bell

    Theme: Symmetry (05-11-2013)
    Salsify Nancy Bell

    Theme: The Eyes Have it (04-25-2013)
    You are getting sleepy Nancy Bell

    Theme: Dreamscapes (04-13-2013)
    Wildest Dreams: OWLVERINE Paul Lagasi

    Theme: Ephemera (03-30-2013)
    Ephemeral Reflection Judy Howle

    Theme: Blurs (03-16-2013)
    Peacock Blur (C) Rachel Hollander

    Theme: Texture (03-02-2013)
    INSIDE OUT Gary Ellwein

    Cardinal on Crepe Myrtle Judy Howle

    Black and White
    PRAIRIE HOME Gary Ellwein

    In Memory of Dave Phillips
    Spitting image Nancy Bell

    Theme: Holiday Cards (01-05-2013)
    Christmas Thought Dave Woeller

    Theme: Holiday Cards (12-22-2012)
    Tunnel Vision Judy Howle

    Simple B&W Paul Lagasi

    Theme: Thankful (11-24-2012)
    Colors of Autumn Judy Howle

    Theme: Anything Goes (11-10-2012)
    Standing Alone in the Rain Judy Howle

    Theme: Recreating the Artist's Vision (10-27-2012)
    Panda's A La Andy Warhol Paul Lagasi

    Theme: Diptych/Triptych (10-13-2012)
    Suger and Spice Maureen Allen

    Theme: Mini-Worlds (09-29-2012)
    Fantasy Mini World Maureen Allen

    Theme: Contrasting Colors (09-15-2012)
    Yellow & Blue Nancy Bell

    Cemetery Fence Anita Bower

    Theme: Cartoons (08-17-2012)
    Western Meadowlark (f) Laurie Golden

    Theme: Asian Week (08-03-2012)
    Romance Nancy Bell

    Theme: Animal Antics (07-20-2012)
    3 Headed Heron Doug West

    Theme: Red/White/Blue (07-06-2012)
    By the Dawn's Early Light Nancy Bell

    Theme: Surrealism (06-22-2012)
    Bugging The Bug Maureen Allen

    Theme: Before and After (06-10-2012)
    Morpho in flight Douglas Bolt

    Theme: Tilt Shift (05-26-2012)
    Little Dipper Michael Gerald-Yamasaki

    Theme: Something New (05-13-2012)
    Peony Bud Anita Bower

    Theme: Design A Business Card (04-29-2012)
    Hummingbird Nancy Bell

    Theme: Rays of Light (04-15-2012)
    Breaking Through Dennis Bishop

    Theme: People and Places (04-1-2012)
    The Bean
    Mark Fuge

    Theme: B&W (03-18-2012)
    Dudley Farm Storeroom Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: Love (03-04-2012)
    Macaws in LOVE.. Paul Lagasi

    Theme: Dave Phillips Tribute Images (02-19-2012)
    A Greenie for Dave - William Maroldo

    Theme: Something Pink (02-05-2012)
    Variation of a Silhouette - Steve Adkins

    Theme: Favorite Places (1-22-2012)
    Micanopy Downtown- Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: Birds (01-07-2012)
    Early Morning- Jay Sheinfield

    * Trophy designed by the late Dave Phillips. He will never be forgotten.
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    Theme: Cowboy Up (12-25-2011)
    Just Cows- Mitch Carucci

    Theme- Peaceful (12-11-2011)
    Still - Michael Gerald- Yamasaki

    Theme: Composites (11-27-2011)
    Oasis Revisited-Steve Adkins

    Theme: Impossible Creatures (11-12-2011)
    Picta creaturae impossible- Maureen Allen

    Theme: All Natural (10-30-2011)
    Towhee's Choice - Michael Gerald- Yamasaki

    Theme: Starry Night (10-15-2011)
    Starry Salsify!
    - Dan Brown

    Theme: Chiaroscuro (10-2-2011)
    Quiet Time -Brendan Dozier

    Theme: Geometry (9-16-2011)
    Geometric Shadows- Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: Abstracts (9-02-2011)
    Landscape Abstract Maureen Allen

    Theme: Flipped Flower Art (8-20-2011)
    Canna Flip Maureen Allen

    Theme: Birds in Flight (8-6-2011)
    Great Horned Owl Fractalius Andrew McLachlan

    Theme: The Sea
    Greater Yellowlegs Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: Vibrance (7-23-2011)
    A Rose by Any Other Filter... Dave Woeller

    Theme: Mini Worlds (7-16-2011)
    Lotus World Judy Howle

    Theme: Tribute to America (7-9-2011)
    They Symbolize our Past Fight to Maintain Freedom Mark Fuge

    Theme: Makes Sense (7-2-2011)
    PINK, PInk, pink Judy Howle

    Theme: Atmosphere (6-25-2011)
    Alone Hilary Hann

    Theme: Yellow (06-18-2011)
    Coreopsis Anita Bower

    Theme: Reflections (06-11-2011)
    Studio Reflections Michael-Gerald Yamasaki

    Theme: Out of Bounds (OOB) photography (06-04-2011)
    The Gallery Maureen Allen

    Theme: HDR Images (05-28-2011)
    HDR Grunge Richard Lovison

    Theme: Old Photos (05-21-2011)
    St. Augustine Lighthouse Garden Walk Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: Pets (05-07-2011)
    Sweet Kitty Dreams Christopher Miller

    Theme: Unique Perspectives (04-30-2011)
    Wild Onion2 Anita Bower

    Theme: SOOC (04-23-2011)
    Grass Blur Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: Sunsets (04-16-2011)
    Walking into the Sunset by Nancy Bell

    Theme: Cartoon Style (04-09-2011)
    Gator Toon by Dawn Currie

    Theme: April Fools (04-02-2011)
    Curves by Anita Bower

    Theme: Cell Phone Images (03-26-2011)
    Sony Ericsson Reflection by Paul Lagasi

    Theme: Think Spring (03-19-2011)
    Old Timey Spring by Christopher Miller

    Theme: Pushing the Envelope (03-12-2011)
    Bald Eagle by Andrew McLachlan

    Theme: Selections (03-05-2011)
    Cowbird Revisited by Judy Howle

    Theme: Scratch Art (02-25-2011)
    Scratch Slew by Steve Adkins

    Valentine's Day
    Where There's Smoke by Steve Adkins

    Theme: Red (02-11-2011)
    Evolving Symmetry by Michael Gerald-Yamasaki

    Theme: Mini Worlds (02-05-2011)
    How far the egret's flown by Michael Gerald-Yamasaki

    Theme: Dave Phillips Tribute Week (01-29-2011)
    Racoon Fractalius Andrew McLachlan

    Theme: Abstracts (01-22-2011)
    Leaf Abstract Richard Lovison

    Theme: DAP (Dynamic Auto Painter) (01-15-2011)
    Cormorant Triple Play Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: Taking Flight (1-07-2011)
    Swainson's Fractalius Andrew McLachlan

    Theme: New Beginnings (1-01-2011)
    Fanciful Frosty Leaves by Judy Howle

    * Trophy designed by the late Dave Phillips. He will never be forgotten.
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    Attached Images Attached Images
    Theme: Holiday Cards (12-25-2010)
    Merry Christmas to All Paul Lagasi

    Theme: Holiday Ornament (12-19-2010)
    A Look Back Paul Lagasi

    Theme: Let It Snow (12-12-2010)
    Sunset Reflection on Ice Jay Sheinfield

    Theme: Asian Flair (12-5-2010)
    Watercolor - Harmony Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: Making the Ordinary Extra Ordinary (11-28-2010)
    Forest Vine second repost, Jay Sheinfield

    Theme: IR, B&W and Sepia (11-21-2010)
    Mums in a Vase - Sepia Anita Bower

    Theme: Soft Images (11-14-2010)
    Canada Geese at Sunset Nancy Bell

    Theme: Old Photo (11-07-2010)
    Antiqued Bird Judy Howle

    Theme: Fall Festival (10-31-2010)
    Autumn Weirdness Judy Howle

    Theme: By the Sea (10-24-2010)
    Stormy Seas Paul Lagasi

    Theme: Pick a Rule and Break It (10-17-2010)
    Bad head angle? or not? Kaustubh Deshpande

    Theme: Dreamscapes (10-10-2010)
    Do Fish Dream of Tiny Swimming Birds? Michael Gerald-Yamasaki

    Theme: Camouflage (10-03-2010)
    Sniped Again Judy Howle

    Theme: Blue (09-26-2010)
    Pollen Pool Steve Adkins

    Theme: Bugs, bugs, bugs (09-19-2010)
    Horse Fly
    Ken Childs

    Theme: Filter Abuse (09-12-2010)
    1960's Owl Nancy Bell

    Theme: Birdscapes (09-05-2010)Biscayne Bay BirdsConnie Mier

    Theme: Textures (08-29-2010)
    Split Rock Lighthouse Steve Adkins

    "Turks Head Iris" Myer Bornstein

    Theme: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (08-15-2010)
    Hit Me Theme - Great Gray Owl Revisited Paul Lagasi
    Hit Me WIth Your Best Shot Entry - In Camera Abstract Eric Virkler

    Theme: Zoom Blurs

    Zoom Blur in Camera - A wild ride Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: Chiarascuro(08-01-2010)
    Chimp chiarascuro Hilary Hann

    Theme: Interacting with water (07-25-2010)
    "The Fisher King" by Nicki Gwynn Jones

    Theme: Portraits (07-18-2010)
    Portrait - Chinese Goose Indranil Sircar

    Theme: Weather (07-11-2010)
    Evening clouds over El Capitan Indranil Sircar

    Theme: Flipped Images (07-4-2010)
    Twiga Moth Cindy Cone

    Theme: HDR (06-27-2010)
    Monterey Bay rainbow Dan Brown

    Theme: Extrude Filter (06-20-2010)
    Macaw Extrude Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: Holga Camera Effect (06-13-2010)
    Holga pigeon Kerry Perkins

    Theme: 3D Effect (06-06-2010)
    *Two way tie

    Converging Lines Patti Edens
    Scene 1 Revised WIlliam Maroldo

    Theme: Chiaroscuro Effect (05-30-2010)

    Theme: Color Blast (05-23-2010)
    Iris Colour Blast Jackie Schuknecht

    Theme: Flowers (05-16-2010)
    Calla Lily Twirl Cindy Cone

    Theme: Sketches (05-09-2010)
    Hoe Down Nicki Gwynn Jones

    Harbor painting Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: Landscapes- (04-25-2010)
    The Ghosts of Barrow Wake Nicki Gwynn Jones

    Theme: Backward Glance (04-18-2010)Two week theme due to site problems
    Looking Back - Red Shouldered Hawk Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: 1/8 sec. Blurs (03-30-2010)
    Carnival No 4 Nicki Gwynn Jones

    Theme: Wildlife (03-28-2010)
    Stairway To Heaven Nicki Gwynn Jones

    Theme: Close-Ups (03-21-2010)
    Seed Head Kora Baker

    Theme: White on White (03-14-2010)
    Homage to Van Dongen Jackie Schuknecht

    Theme: Abstracts (03-07-2010)
    Red Hot Pokers Kora Baker

    Theme: Sadness or Happiness(02-28-2010)
    Cala Lily Jackie Schuknecht

    Theme: Mini Worlds (02-21-2010)
    Mini World - Cavandish Stones Paul Lagasi

    Theme: Valentine Hearts (02-14-2010)
    Weekly Theme: ♥ to ♥ Cindy Mead

    Theme: Windows (02-08-2010)
    Window 4 WIlliam Maroldo

    Theme: In-camera techniques (01-31-2010)
    Hardwoods Pan Cindy Mead

    Theme: Old Photos (01-24-2010)
    Love Song Barbara Kile

    Theme: Asian Week (01-17-2010)
    Lemon Drops Cindy Mead

    Theme: Texture Overlays (01-10-2010)
    The Dance Barbara Kile

    Theme: Before and After (01-03-2010)
    Before and After - Cardinal Planet Patti Edens

    * Trophy designed by the late Dave Phillips. He will never be forgotten.
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    Theme: Open
    Theme: Fractalius Lil Blue WIlliam Maroldo

    Theme: Blurs (12-20 2009)
    Theme: Blur - BCNH Indranil Sircar

    Theme Snow (12-13-2009)
    Theme: Barn in Winter Christopher Miller

    Theme: Patterns (12-6-2009)
    Theme - Patterns - Lotus pod world Cheryl Slechta

    Theme: Landscapes (11-29-2009)
    Theme, Landscape w/egret Dave Phillips

    Theme: Design a Holiday Card (11-22-2009)
    Theme: Christmas Card Chris Hansen

    Theme: Flowers (11-15-2009)
    Theme: Reaching for the Sky Christopher Miller

    Theme: Abstract (11-08-2009)
    Theme - Abstract - Return to Another Time Mark Fuge
    Theme:Fall Displays (10-25-2009)
    Theme: Maple on Wood Christopher Miller

    Theme: Open (10-18-2009)
    THEME: Danger Lurks Everwhere Paul Lagasi

    Theme: Fruits and Veggies(10-18-2009)
    Theme: Humble Garlic! Indranil Sircar

    Theme: Peaceful (10-11-09)
    Theme: another peaceful scene Kerry Perkins

    Theme: Monochromatic (10-4-2009)
    Theme:Giraffe Sunset Cindy Cone

    Theme: Composite Images (09-27-2009)
    Theme: Storm by Ramesh Adkoli

    Theme: Cartoons (09-20-2009)
    Theme: Cartoon - Spooky Spider by Christopher Miller

    Theme: Re-creating the Artists Vision (09-13-2009)
    Theme: Audubon - American White Pelican by Indranil Sircar

    Theme: Lights (09-06-2009)
    Theme: Lighting - lanterns by Indranil Sircar

    Theme: High -Key (08-30-2009)
    Theme: HK Gull by Kerry Perkins

    Theme: Color Shift (08-23-2009)
    Theme: Color Shift - Summer Sizzle by Cheryl Slechta
    Theme: Animals Gone Wild (08-16-2009)
    THEME- Horsican Brother I ┴kos Lumnitzer

    Theme: Reflections (08-02-2009)
    Cooterville Reflection by Dave Phillips

    Theme: Cowboy Up (08-10-2009)
    Theme: Gaucho Game by Jackie Schuknecht

    Theme: Summertime (07-26-2009)
    Theme: Summer Susans by Christopher Miller
    Theme: Flipped Images (07-19-2009)
    Theme: Flipped Heron Chick by Cindy Cone

    Theme: Blur Images (07-12-2009)
    Theme, Blur, Zoomin' Gull by Dave Phillips

    Theme: Recreate the Artists Vision (07-05-2009)
    Theme: Claude Monet Ibis by Dave Phillips

    Theme: Surrealism (06-21-2009)
    Theme Surreal: Solar Power by Dave Phillips

    Theme: Shadows (06-28-2009)
    Theme: Shadows - Hiding by Christopher Miller

    Theme: Liquid Images (06-14-2009)
    Theme: Liquify - Gull Rising by Indranil Sircar

    Theme: Flipped Images (06-07-2009)THEME FLIP: A Real Beauty by DMills

    Theme: Asian Flair (05-31-2009)
    Theme: Death by Jackie Schuknecht

    Theme: Mini Worlds (05-24-2009)
    Theme: Around the World
    Christopher Miller

    Theme: Abstracts (05-17-2009)Theme: City World, population explosion by DMills

    Theme: Starry Night (05-10-2009)Theme-Starry Night by Jackie Schuknecht

    Theme Critters (05-03-2009)
    Psycho Kitty by Kerry Perkins

    Theme: Landscapes (04-26-2009)
    Theme: Landscapes by Kerry Perkins

    Theme: Something Old or Something New (04-19-2009)
    Radial Engine -Dave Woeller

    Theme: Flowers
    *Two way tie
    Kaushik Balakumar
    Flowers- Orb by Jackie Schuknecht

    Theme: Water (04-05-2009)
    Water Drops Colliding - Susan Candelario

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