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    Sorry if this is the wrong section

    Not sure I quite understand the difference between the " Avian " section and " Eager to Learn ",both seem much of a muchness.

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    Hey Phil, the following is the blurb found the "Eager To Learn" forum:

    This area is for those of us who may be new to critique forums and are a little unsure about posting. Post here and you will receive help, guidance and gentle critiques. Soon you will be ready to post in our other forums. General nature photography images may be posted, with or without hand of man elements. If you have significantly altered your image by adding or removing elements of the composition, we ask that you let folks know what you have done.
    Basically, it is for folks that are maybe a little intimidated by posting right away in avian. Some are shy, some are just starting to learn and still not 100% confident in their abilities. This is the place for them to get their feet wet and get used to the forums and learn more about the basics. It is also not limited to birds, but any type of wildlife. Hope this helps!

    P.S. Moved to "BPN Forum Resource, Tips and Tricks and Questions"

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