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      Joseph Przybyla

      Eastern Meadowlark

      Thread Starter: Joseph Przybyla

      I captured this image along 10 Mile Grade Road in Zolfo Springs, Florida. Comments and critique welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for viewing.

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      Marbled godwit

      Thread Starter: arash_hazeghi

      Godwit in flight, from SF bay last year

      shot with my D5 and 600E FL + TC14-E III ISO 500 f/5.6 at 1/4000sec hand held and processed

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      Shoveler in flight.

      Thread Starter: dankearl

      One of my winter duck season goals. Taken today, I am running out of time as they
      don't stay much longer.
      I liked this one, this lake has

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      Ernst Zigmund

      G'day from Australia

      Thread Starter: Ernst Zigmund

      Hi all,

      I'm a keen BIF shooter of the ambulatory type. There's nothing like a grab shot, or grab burst, to get the adrenaline running.

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      gail bisson

      Ice Fog at Sunset

      Thread Starter: gail bisson

      This is the same owl that I posted previously. I spent the afternoon watching her and prayed she would stick around for sunset.
      Sunset turned out

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      David Roach

      Leaving the nest...

      Thread Starter: David Roach

      EOS R EF 100-400 I @200 f5.6 1/800 ISO 100 Manual exposure cropped from horizontal.

      With a clear late day sky, the male prepares to leave

      Last Post By: arash_hazeghi Today, 02:53 AM Go to last post
      William Dickson

      Theme - Gull in a Snow Storm

      Thread Starter: William Dickson

      Canon 1DX Mk2
      f/4 400mm DO Mk2
      ISO 1600

      Something different, this was captured from my balcony, the BG

      Last Post By: Aditya Sridhar Today, 09:26 AM Go to last post
      John Mack


      Thread Starter: John Mack

      Baited. This image was created at the infamous wall of shame on Oakley St. in Cambridge, Maryland on 2/9/20 at 2:33PM. Image processed in Lightroom and

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      Andreas Liedmann

      Headbanger .... LOL

      Thread Starter: Andreas Liedmann

      Hi folks ... the gone Mr Detail poked me in the eye .
      Recommended a Tritone to my last posting , the Bison portrait .
      So i checked on Mr Google

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      Randy Stout

      Mallard color harmony

      Thread Starter: Randy Stout

      Taken a few days ago. A common bird, but I was pleased with the soft light and nice match of background colors to the bird.

      D500 500 PF.

      Last Post By: Aditya Sridhar Today, 09:35 AM Go to last post
      Stu Bowie

      Cape Shoveler - Male

      Thread Starter: Stu Bowie

      This is a male Cape Shoveler speeding over the sewerage works in Cape Town during my december holidays. This day was unfortunately very overcast, but

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      Geoffrey Montagu

      Field Sparrow

      Thread Starter: Geoffrey Montagu

      Yesterday afternoon at a local wildlife preserve I noticed a few different types of sparrows flying low in front of me along a field drainage cut. Captured

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      Joseph Przybyla

      Juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron

      Thread Starter: Joseph Przybyla

      I had planned on posting this image this morning, then I saw Dan's post. I guess they work together because this is a juvenile and Dan's post is an adult.

      Last Post By: Mike Poole Today, 07:11 AM Go to last post

      Black Crown Night Heron Portrait.

      Thread Starter: dankearl

      A very rare bird in my area although I know they are really
      common elsewhere. A small number here in thickets around
      a small lake in Portland,

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      Dorian Anderson

      Eared Grebe

      Thread Starter: Dorian Anderson

      In my effort to show species other photographers overlook or ignore, I present the winter plumage Eared Grebe!

      Canon 600mm f/4 IS II + 1.4x

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