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      John Mack

      White-tail Doe & fawn

      Thread Starter: John Mack

      This image was created in Ithaca, New York on 11/19/20 at 4:10PM. Image processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

      Hand held, Full frame.

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      Bill Dix

      Rusty Blackbird

      Thread Starter: Bill Dix

      Going back through old files, I revisited this image of a female Rusty Blackbird from 5 years ago. A small group of them was paying a brief visit to

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      Joseph Przybyla

      Eastern Meadowlark

      Thread Starter: Joseph Przybyla

      I captured this image driving along Joe Overstreet Road in Kenansville, Florida. Image captured from inside the vehicle through the open window. Comments

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      Daniel Cadieux

      Head-On Ring-billed Gull.

      Thread Starter: Daniel Cadieux

      Not a colourful image, and not a flashy species, but I love gulls and I thought this image was pretty neat

      Canon 7DII + 500mm f/4 II

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      Steve Kaluski

      Female Tigeress

      Thread Starter: Steve Kaluski

      Because of where this young female Tiger decided to lay down, right in the bushes, just a nice tight head shot.

      Thanks to those who viewed

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      gail bisson

      High Key (sort of)Hudsonian Godwit

      Thread Starter: gail bisson

      I rarely like high key images but I kind of like this one.
      Taken on a cloudy, bright day.
      Canon 1 Dx3 600mm and 1.4 x
      ISO 1600 F 5.6

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      Jonathan Ashton

      Blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)

      Thread Starter: Jonathan Ashton

      Image captured in the back garden

      Olympus : E-M1X
      Lens focal length : 300 mm
      Focal Length (35 mm conversion) : 601.0mm

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      Kurt Bowman

      BCNH with Waterfall

      Thread Starter: Kurt Bowman

      Sony A9ii, 200-600mm, 1.4 TC
      1/8 at f/9, ISO 100 on tripod,
      I do wish I had a remote shutter

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      David Roach

      Renewal... Back from the brink...

      Thread Starter: David Roach

      EOS R RF 100-500 @500 f7.1 1/2700 ISO 640 HH, Manual EXP, cropped from horizontal

      From endangered to threatened to least concern in

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      Ivan Sjogren

      Indigo Macaw in flight

      Thread Starter: Ivan Sjogren

      Hi all,

      I have seen that a lot of you have posted some terrific flight shots recently so I thought that I would join the trend. This is a

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      spring colors

      Thread Starter: arash_hazeghi

      processing some of the files from spring for a change, I have quite a few skimmer frames from 2011 but they were all against the ocean. I chose this location

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      Krishna Prasad kotti

      Rock Wren

      Thread Starter: Krishna Prasad kotti

      Thank you all for the comments on the previous Rock Wren Image. Here is another version.

      I made this image on Antelope Island last weekend.

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      Dorian Anderson

      Budget Pacific Golden-Plover from 2014

      Thread Starter: Dorian Anderson

      I revisited this frame for another project and decided to post it here. It was captured during
      my circa-US bike-birding adventure in 2014. If you

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      Ravi Hirekatur

      Deptford Pink

      Thread Starter: Ravi Hirekatur

      This tiny beauty is thought to have originated from Deptford, England and hence the name. A tiny flower of 4-5 mm wide often difficult to notice in a

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      Thread Starter: dankearl

      A local urban pond this afternoon in shade light. The pond is completely filled with Duckweed which is not harmful
      and is natural.
      When this

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