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      greg cowle

      the pink and grey

      Thread Starter: greg cowle

      Female galah flying towards the morning sun. Eolophus rosiecapilla.
      Canon 600mm, 1/3200, f5.6, ISO1000.

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      Colin Driscoll

      Full Wing Stretch

      Thread Starter: Colin Driscoll

      A Masked Lapwing at full wing stretch,making sure they were still in working order, then went back to foraging.
      5D4 600 f4 III HH
      1/2000 f7.1

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      gail bisson

      Killdeer Preening

      Thread Starter: gail bisson

      Took this last week at 8:05AM
      Canon 1 DX 600mm v3
      ISO 800 F 7.1 1/3200 Handheld, sitting on ground with car as a backrest.
      Cropped to

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      Paul Burdett

      Eureka! At last!

      Thread Starter: Paul Burdett

      Just back from 3 nights away at Montville, just over an hour north of Brisbane. I spent two mornings walking at nearby Mary Cairncross Park. It's a lovely

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      Bill Dix

      Barrow's Goldeneye in Crystal

      Thread Starter: Bill Dix

      From the Laxa River, Iceland, in late May.

      D500, Sigma 150-600C @ 600mm, ISO 640, 1/8000s @ f/7.1 manual. HH

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      Steve Kaluski

      Bring on the Tigers....

      Thread Starter: Steve Kaluski

      Inspired by Haseebs posting, I thought I would take a rest from processing images from Svalbard and look at what I haven't processed in terms of my Tiger

      Last Post By: haseeb badar Yesterday, 03:25 PM Go to last post
      Aditya Sridhar

      Peregrine Falcon

      Thread Starter: Aditya Sridhar

      This image was shot at Durlston Country Park, Swanage. I'm still getting used to C1 Pro and my new workflow. Downsizing and sharpening for web has been

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      Keeper of the Day.

      Thread Starter: dankearl

      Wild ducks are just beginning to show up at our local pond.
      The Green Herons are always there... Taken yesterday, There is
      a group of us who

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      Joseph Przybyla

      Osprey With Breakfast

      Thread Starter: Joseph Przybyla

      I captured this image along Marsh Rabbit Run Trail in Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County, Florida. The angle of light is not what I would have preferred.

      Last Post By: Aditya Sridhar Yesterday, 09:24 AM Go to last post
      Dorian Anderson

      Sword-billed Hummingbird

      Thread Starter: Dorian Anderson

      Only bird with a bill longer than its body. This is a male, but a female's beak would be 15% longer!

      This individual frequented a feeder

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      Paul Kammen

      Canada Warbler (series)

      Thread Starter: Paul Kammen

      I took photos of a Canada Warbler in various poses; of course like all birds he moved around fast, but I tried to aim the focus point on the eye, using

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      Randy Stout

      Loon Feather Anatomy Display

      Thread Starter: Randy Stout

      Taken this summer, I thought this image made a very nice display of the birds feather arrangement.

      D4. 600 f/4. ISO 400 1/1250s. Taken

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      Ravi Hirekatur

      Purple Prairie Clover

      Thread Starter: Ravi Hirekatur

      Canon 7DII + 180/3.5 + tripod
      f/11, 1/15, ISO 800
      DPP4, PSCC, Nik Detail extractor, square crop
      Appreciate comments and suggestions

      Last Post By: Ravi Hirekatur 09-19-2019, 02:03 PM Go to last post
      haseeb badar

      Baby Sitting !

      Thread Starter: haseeb badar

      Hello everyone. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions to my previous post as always much appreciated.

      I had been not so active

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      John Mack

      Great Blue Heron

      Thread Starter: John Mack

      This image was created at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge in Tyre, New York on 5/11/19 at 8:32AM. Image processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

      Last Post By: Alex Becker Yesterday, 03:22 PM Go to last post
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