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      Alex Hoover

      European Starling Bringing Back Some Food

      Thread Starter: Alex Hoover

      I recently bought a used D500 so I thought I would take it out to Boundary Bay, British Columbia. Considering my last body was a D3300,

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      Jan van Holten

      Buff Tip, Phalera bucephala

      Thread Starter: Jan van Holten

      Often photographing caterpillars in the field is more or less a registration. I'll hope this is the correct word? But sometimes a species choose a spot

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      Bill Dix

      Another Chestnut-sided Warbler

      Thread Starter: Bill Dix

      This one also from 2017. I removed a flower/leaf cluster behind the bird, but in this OP I've left in the two offending leaves on the body of the bird.

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      Joseph Przybyla

      Australian Black Swan (c)

      Thread Starter: Joseph Przybyla

      I captured this image at Lake Morton in Lakeland, Florida. The swan is the symbol of the City of Lakeland, Florida, Lake Morton has four species of swans

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      gail bisson

      Woodpecker Braille

      Thread Starter: gail bisson

      I found this sapsucker well next to a northern flicker nest I have been following. Lighting is tricky.
      Canon 1 DX 3, 600mm and 1.4x
      ISO 2000

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      High ISO?

      Thread Starter: arash_hazeghi

      experimenting with the A9II high ISO files I got this image at ISO-8000. I usually don't like going beyond ISO-4K on FF bodies and ISO-2K on the high

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      Paul Burdett

      3 Pelicans

      Thread Starter: Paul Burdett

      Spent a few hours at a new location a while ago...early sunrise after the fog cleared. Would have liked the leftmost beak to be above the middle one,

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      Nuthatch on Ponderosa

      Thread Starter: dankearl

      Another white breasted Nuthatch on the iconic Ponderosa Pine bark
      in Central Oregon Cascades.
      I was really happy to get one at eye level in

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      William Dickson

      Common Snipe

      Thread Starter: William Dickson

      Canon 1DX Mk2
      f/4 400mm DO Mk2 with 1.4iii
      ISO 2500

      A couple of days ago I had another trip to the 'Red

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      Mitch Carucci

      Red, white and blue winged black bird

      Thread Starter: Mitch Carucci

      yearly repost...

      Happy 4th!

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      Geoffrey Montagu

      Brown Thrasher

      Thread Starter: Geoffrey Montagu

      Captured this image a couple of days ago at a local grassland preserve. Most of the trails are line with tress, bushes, and in this location a leafy vine

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      Steve Kaluski

      White-backed vulture

      Thread Starter: Steve Kaluski

      Just as a comparison, here is a White-backed vulture. These guys were hanging around close by the scavenger hide in the hope one of the Tawny eagles would

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      Joseph Przybyla

      Black Vulture

      Thread Starter: Joseph Przybyla

      My previous post was a Turkey Vulture, this is the other vulture found in Florida the Black Vulture. This image was captured at Three Lakes Wildlife

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      Jay Ing

      Black Skimmer - The Approach

      Thread Starter: Jay Ing

      Well, day one out with my new lens. Much to learn about both lens and camera. But hey, think this is my best skimmer shot yet. BKG

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      Brian Sump

      Baby Week - Day 3 - Mini Mallard

      Thread Starter: Brian Sump

      Well, I was going to post a couple more babies this week but I'll stop here. Just a simple Mallard chick but I get good vibes when I look

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