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denise ippolito

Sensor Cleaning

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I used to take my camera bodies to Canon for sensor cleaning. At one time, the service was free!! The last time I went they wanted to charge me $50.00 per camera body. YIKES! I said “No thanks.” I waited until I went out photographing with Arthur Morris again and asked if he would clean them (again). He did with detailed instructions so I paid close attention. He does this regularly for the participants on his IPTs (Instructional Photo Tours). Artie had given me a [URL=""]Sensor Scope[/URL] for Christmas; it allows you to see an illuminated/magnified view of the sensor and the specks of dust. I already had a [URL=""]Lens Pen Combo Kit[/URL] and a [URL=""]Rocket Blower[/URL] so I decided to give sensor cleaning a try. After being a huge chicken Artie walked me through it step by step. It is quite easy and I would recommend that everyone learn how to do it.

I’d recommend that you purchase the [URL=""]Sensor Cleaning Bundle w/Scope[/URL] . Here is a link to the Sensor Cleaning Product page at the [URL=""]BIRDS AS ART On-Line Store[/URL]. When you purchase a Lens Pen Combo Kit from BAA they will send you a Lens Pen Instruction; it includes detailed step by step instructions that even I can understand [IMG][/IMG] . Read it carefully and follow the instructions and you will learn to clean your camera’s sensor quickly, efficiently, and safely. It is simple technique that will save you a bundle over time. It is safe and you do not need to wet any part of your sensor with any liquid anything [IMG][/IMG] I give this Sensor Cleaning Method 2 thumbs up!!!
To start you need a fully charged battery. If the battery dies while you are accessing the sensor the shutter and/or the mirror could be damaged. You should work in a clean, well lit area with the heat or AC shut off. Since the sensor will be open you need to stop talking to prevent spittle from getting on it.
Remove the cap that covers the sensor. Angle the camera body downward. Using the Rocket Blower squeeze the blower forcefully to remove dust from the viewfinder box before raising the mirror to expose the sensor.
To raise the mirror you will need to follow the Sensor Cleaning instructions in your camera body manual. Once you hear the mirror lock up, you are ready to clean the sensor. Then follow Artie’s detailed instructions that come with the purchase of your Lens Pen Combo Kit (only from BAA). Artie thanks Robert O’Toole for teaching him how to use a Lens Pen for sensor cleaning.
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  1. Michael Zajac's Avatar
    Thanks for the information. I will have to give it a try.
  2. Ian Cassell's Avatar
    I recommend that you squeeze your rocket-blower a few times before you point it at your sensor. I made the mistake once of forgetting to do this and there was some gunk in the blower bulb that stuck to the sensor requiring more effort to clean.
  3. Michael Zajac's Avatar
    Good suggestion Ian.
  4. Michael Zajac's Avatar
    Good suggestion.
  5. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Ian, Good idea, thanks for letting us know.
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