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denise ippolito

Nickerson Beach Workshop

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Roman Kuryczwak and I just finished our last workshop for the season at Nickerson. They were all wonderful and I want to thank each of our clients for making the workshops so successful. The activity at Nickerson continues to be strong. I will be going there as much as possible in the next 2 months and urge anyone who hasn't been there to give it a try. I will be offering one on one workshops at Nickerson during the month of August. I have booked a couple of private sessions already and am looking forward to booking more. Just contact me via e-mail at [EMAIL=""][U][/U][/EMAIL]
To see some more of my images from Nickerson this year check out my blog at [URL=""][/URL]

The image posted is of a Common Tern Immature. I love how their plumage looks so fresh and neat.
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  1. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Roman, That means a lot coming from you. I appreciate it.
  2. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Michael, I appreciate the kind words.
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