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denise ippolito

Smugmug Leader

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I am happy to announce that I have been invited to become a Smugmug Leader. I will be giving my Program/lectures to Smugmug groups around the country. If you are a member of Smugmug you can join a local Smugmug meetup group free and attend Programs and Lectures by Smugmug Leaders from around the nation. If you are a Smugmug member and would like me to give a program for your meet-up group just contact Smugmug and they will let me know. Hope to see you on the road...:S3:


  1. Steve Uffman's Avatar
    Cool. A smugmug user here and think they deliver superior product and support
  2. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Hi Steve, I have been a fan for years!!
  3. Marc Mol's Avatar
    Long time SmuMug user as well, when will you be in Sydney, Denise??
  4. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Marc, Thanks. If they send me I will go!!!
  5. Michael Zajac's Avatar
    They are lucky to have you on their team.
  6. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Thank you Michael!
  7. Andrew McLachlan's Avatar
    Awesome news Denise...way to go!
  8. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Thank you Andrew!!
  9. Gary Esman's Avatar
    Congrats Denise, that is fantastic!
  10. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Thank you Gary!
  11. Marc Schoenholz's Avatar
    You will be a solid asset to SmugMug!
  12. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Marc, Thank you so much!
  13. Hazel Grant's Avatar
    Congrats! They picked a good leader.
  14. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the support Hazel!
  15. Josh Clark's Avatar
    I have been a Smugmug user for a few years now and love them. Congrats!
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