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New eBook Announced

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I’m pleased to say that I have just finished my latest e-book, “Bloomin’ Ideas”. In “Bloomin’ Ideas”
I present an overview of the in-the-field and post-processing techniques that I have used and developed over the past few years to make my flower images special. This eBook features 55 all-new photographs. Though some of the topics have been covered previously in either “The Softer Side of Macro” or “A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects,” this eBook represents the first time that they are available in a single package. Those who love photographing flowers as much as I do will want to get their copy as soon as possible. *Knowledge of Photoshop layers and layer masks is recommended.
This 105 page, 12,000 word eBook available only through [URL=""]A Creative Adventure[/URL] for $24.00 is available as a PDF download.

[COLOR=#0000cd][B][SIZE=2] Here is what my colleagues have to say about Bloomin’ Ideas: [/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
[I]“From its beautiful cover image (KnockOut Rose with texture overlay and Fractalius) to the color wheel on page 102, Denise Ippolito’s latest offering is filled with her evocative flower images. Her work features uncommon perspectives, simple but powerful image designs, and soft colors–she is not at all afraid of being feminine. Denise uses a multitude of in-camera and post-processing techniques (including a variety of filters and effects) to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and to turn almost any image into a piece of fine art. To do this she employs her incredible vision, her unbridled creativity, and her Photoshop skills. In Bloomin’ Ideas she will–in her informal, easy to read and easy to follow style–teach you to expand your creativity and greatly improve your flower photography skills. Whether behind the lens or sitting in front of a computer Denise Ippolito is the most consistently creative person I know.”[/I]
[URL=""]Arthur Morris[/URL] Canon Explorer of Light Photographer, world renowned bird photographer, writer, educator, and a founding member of NANPA. Author of “The Art of Bird Photography”.

[I]“Denise turns flower photography into a new realm of creativity. There are tons of flower images out there, but Denise’s PDF book Bloomin’ Ideas will help you stand out in this over crowded field. Bloomin’ Ideas is a must for anyone photographing flowers as it is Graphic, Creative, Beautiful, Insightful, Educational, and just a great learning experience.”[/I]
[URL=""]Darrell Gulin[/URL] Canon Explorer of Light Photographer, past president of NANPA, and workshop leader for Joe Van Os Photo Safaris and Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

[I] “Anyone who loves taking pictures of flowers and who is looking for some new ideas, is bound to be inspired by this book.!”[/I]
[I] [URL=""] Ellen Anon[/URL] Co-author of Photoshop CS5 for Nature Photographers. An active member of NANPA and an instructor for their high school scholarship program.
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