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      Image of the Year 2017

      Work on selecting the 2016 Image of the Year (IOTY) is finally done and was long long overdue. Apologies to all who were waiting. The overall winner is "Great Crested Chick - and Mum" by Mike Pool. This image was selected by the jury as 'Avian' category winner. Congratulations Mike !

      The following stunning images were selected as winners in the other categories:

      • Can't Stand Heights, by Keith Mitchell in Wildlife
      • Phoenix, by Mitch Carucci in Out-Of-The-Box
      • Dew Web II, by John Mack in Macro and Flora
      • Waterfall, by John Mack in Landscapes and Cities
      • Male Prairie Chicken on the Lek, by Kevin Hice in Eager to Learn

      All of the category winners will receive a one year subscription voucher. Congratulations everyone !
      Note to the winners: your free one year subscription is applied to your BPN expiration the date has been extended by one year.

      Our Sponsor

      Our main sponsor is B&H Photo Video. Support our site by clicking on the link below. Using the BPN affiliate link will not cost you a penny but will be greatly appreciated.

      Q&A and BPN Support

      In case of user, posting or other BPN problems, contact me on my BPN email address: peterkes@birdphotographers.net.

      Subscription and payment problems: staffbaa@att.net.

      On Critiquing

      BPN was founded on a single principle: folks learn best from honest critiques done gently. The more folks who comment on an image, the more everyone learns. We ask that folks comment on at least five images for every image that they post. Far too many folks are telling this story: “I am not, or do not, feel qualified to critique.” Even if you are a beginning photographer and have never critiqued a single image before, you are eminently qualified to post a substantive critique. Look at the image. Ask yourself, “What do I like about this image? What don’t I like about this image.” Then type it in the next pane. Please, at all costs, avoid those empty “Great shot!” comments …

      It’s that simple. If you have any suggestions on how the image could have been improved in the field or in post processing, you can add those but doing so is not mandatory. If you have an idea for a repost, take a crack at it.; you will often find folks reciprocating. In the same vein, the more images you comment on, the more you become part of the community, and the more folks will comment on your images. In addition, when you take the time to study other’s image carefully and take the time to comment, you become a better photographer.

      Please remember that a critique does not imply criticism; negatives are not a required part of the package. If you think that an image is great, say so, and be sure to let folks know exactly why you like it. On the other hand, if you are less than honest in an effort to “be nice,” then you are doing everyone a disservice. Honest but gentle. Particularly helpful is to post a critique to an image with 50 or more views and zero or one replies. When and if you come across a really poor image find at least one positive if at all possible and then be as gentle as possible. And do consider directing the poster to the Eager to Learn Forum.

      What’s my advice? Shoot a lot. Post a lot. And critique a lot. You can help make BPN a better place.

      Please Help Support BPN

      If you are going to make a purchase from B&H – and I we know that many of you do to take advantage of their great service, their great prices, and their dependability, please click on the BPN B&H affiliate link at the top of each and every BPN page. It will not cost you a penny more and helps us to pay the bills for our top notch server.


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      artie & peter
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