• BPN Newsletter 4, 29 February 2016

      BPN Newsletter 4, 29 February 2016

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      Image of the Year 2015

      Work on selecting the 2015 Image of the Year (IOTY) is done. The overall winner is "Tug of War" by David Salem. This image was selected by the jury as 'Avian' category winner. Congratulations David !

      Commented by Arash Hazeghi: amazing interaction Dave, most folks don't realize what it takes to get a frame like this, you had really fast reflexes. congrats on your BBC nomination and best luck!


      The following stunning images were selected as winners in the other categories:

      • Upside Down!, by Sanjeev Aurangabadka in Wildlife

        Commented by Jonathan Ashton: Outstanding quality, a beautiful composition and pose. My eyes are drawn to the leopard and then temporarily to the flies but then back to the leopard. In most images roving eyes are a no no but in this it reflects the powerful content and composition.
      • Pearls of Morning Dew, by Wendy Kates in Out-Of-The-Box

        Commented by Nancy Bell: Super creative and very well done! Love how you created such an intricate and symmetrical design. The fine details and small size of the center diamond shape contrasts and holds together all the other strings of pearls so well. I also like the two larger areas of black space, it keeps all the other stands and dew drops from being overwhelming and helps create those graceful swooping curves. B&W is perfect for this.
      • Mantis (Empusa fasciata) , by Miroslav Maric in Macro and Flora

        Fascinating how this Mantis blends in with the plant and seems to be a part of it. Completed with the stunning background this image deserves the title of best Macro 2015.
      • Frozen, by Dan Kearl in Landscapes and Cities

        Lovely ice formations by chilling winter winds. Strongly contrasted by the wild flowing, soft waterfall, giving a sense of how the ice around the waterfall was formed.
      • Spring Hoopoe, by Kalin Botev in Eager to Learn

        Commented by David Salem: Wow! This is awesome!! I love the whole frame. I chased Hoopoes around when I was on vacation in Egypt but didn't get any great flight images. A killer Incoming pose with his wings back, his crest up, his feet showing, a colorful BG and a nice big bug in his beak!! And It's nice and sharp!! Did I say Wow! A shot you couldn't have dreamt the night before :) Well done.

      All of the category winners will receive a one year subscription voucher. Congratulations everyone !
      Note to the winners: your free one year subscription is applied to your BPN expiration the date has been extended by one year.

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      artie & peter
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