• BPN Newsletter 3, 30 May 2015

      BPN Newsletter 3, 30 May 2015

      • BPN Limited Membership Changes
      • BPN Membership Changes
      • Recurring Payments and Subscriptions and BPN Subscriptions
      • Forum Story Sequences Rocks
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      Latest Avian Image of the week

      Click on the image to be directed to the post on BPN

      BPN Limited Membership Changes

      This weekend all members of the 'BPN Limited Membership' group will be moved to the 'BPN Viewer' group. This change was announced on 1 March, see the chapter below for details. What this means to you, also read on to the following chapter.

      BPN Membership Changes

      BPN is changing how participation to the forums will be managed and who can actively participate. As of 1 March all current 'Forum Participants' (non-paying members) will be granted limited BPN memberships (BPN Limited Membership group). On 1 June their limited memberships will expire and they will become 'BPN Viewers'; they will no longer be able to start threads or to comment on threads started by others. BPN will become read-only for this group.

      Similarly, participants who register after 1 March will be granted granted limited BPN memberships (BPN Limited Member group) for exactly 90 days. After that time, they will automatically be moved to the 'BPN Viewer' group, limited to read-only privileges.

      Folks who become 'BPN Viewers' will need to sign up for 'BPN Membership' to continue BPN Member privileges. Note that the BPN Member group has more privileges than the Limited Member groups: see the table below for a detailed overview.

      The table below show the detailed rights of the different usergroups:

      Feature BPN Member or Lifetime Member Forum Participant BPN Limited Member(ship) BPN Viewer
      Number of threads 1 per day per forum 1 per week per forum 1 per day per forum, for 90 days none
      Number of posts unlimited 20 per month unlimited, for 90 days none
      Image Hosting by BPN external by BPN n/a
      Used Gear Forum Access yes no no n/a
      Two-line selfpromotional signature yes no no no
      Feature in Publisher's Favorite yes no yes n/a
      Access to Workshop and Lectures yes no yes no
      Eligible for Image of the Week yes no no n/a
      Personal Album hosted on BPN yes no no no
      Thread Thumbnail yes no yes n/a

      Become a member by clicking on this link: http://www.birdphotographers.net/forums/payments.php. This page lists all membership benefits in detail.

      Recurring Payments and Subscriptions and BPN Subscriptions

      As of 1 January 2015, BPN’s annual subscription fee was raised to $40. Why?

      1. Despite ever-increasing operational and maintenance costs during our seven years in existence, we have never had a rate increase.
      2. When we tried to raise funds by introducing ads, there was lot of resistance. We, as owners, agree that BPN should not be flooded by advertisements

      Please help us keep our new low rate in place by supporting our main sponsors, B&H, Outdoor Photo Gear, and the BIRDS AS ART Online Store by using the logo links on the site.

      For new members, the price increase will be straightforward. Their first payment will be $40 and will get them into the new scheme.

      Existing members with an automatic Paypal renewal who wind up paying the old fee of $20, will receive a mail from staffbaa@att.net with detailed instructions as to how to proceed.

      Existing members who currently have automatic Paypal renewals set up for the old fee of $20 are asked to follow the somewhat complex directions immediately below carefully just before their next recurring payment is due. Many of those are scheduled in mid-January through February so now is as good a time as any. Though most will have not trouble canceling their old $20 recurring payment, we do apologize for any inconvenience that we my have caused.

      First log into your Paypal account and cancel the current $20 recurring payment. Yes, please cancel your existing $20 recurring payment.

      Do this by going to Profile -> My Money -> My Pre-Approved Payments. Click on the Update button. Now Identify the line for BPN/BIRDS AS ART and then click on the active hyper link for Merchant. A new Billing details screen for BPN will pop up. Then click on Cancel.

      Folks that do not see an active link for the word Profile should click on the gear icon (upper right). Then they will need to click on Preapproved payments. To cancel the $20.00 preapproved payment, click on the merchant name, in this case, Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART. Now comes the tricky part: in the upper left of this screen, below the words "Subscription details" and "active" you will see links for Cancel and View history. Click on the Cancel button and then hit the button that says Cancel Profile. No worries. You will not be making any changes to your Paypal profile, you will simply be canceling the Recurring payment.

      If you have trouble canceling your $20 recurring payment , please let us know with an e-mail to us at samandmayasgrandpa@att.net and we can take care of it.

      Next, please set up a new Recurring payment to BPN by going here http://www.birdphotographers.net/forums/payments.php and then selecting your correct currency from the drop down menu at the top of the page just to the left of the order button. Then click on the Order Using Paypal box, enter your password, and click the Login box. On the next screen check all of the details and then click on the Agree and Pay box.

      Go to Activity and you should see your payment.

      Once we receive your $40 payment BAA/BPN will issue a $20 refund to your Paypal account. If you run into any problems along the way you can e-mail us at samandmayasgrandpa@att.net or call us at 863-692-0906 during weekday business hours or on Fridays before 2pm.

      It took us about 8 hours of work to figure out how to implement these changes in a relatively seamless manner.

      Forum Story Sequences Rocks

      Gabriela Plesea started the Story Sequences by the end of February. The stories told, the images displayed are amazing.
      If you have a story sequence, please visit this new, exciting forum.

      Have a look at the latest post by Marina Scarr, where a couple of Swallowtailed Kites exchange food (a frog):

      Click on the image to be directed to the post on BPN

      The forum can be found at the following link: Story Sequences.

      Publisher's Favorite

      When you visit BPN, the home page features two side bars. The sidebar on the left, lists the current selection of 'Image of the Week', managed by Daniel Cadieux. The right sidebar represents a selection of striking images from all categories that drew special attention. The newsletter will select a special image that stood out, selected outside the voted IOTW. At present, the image displayed here shows a scene of the Mara River where large number of animals gather to get water.

      Click on the image to be directed to the post on BPN

      Our Sponsor

      Our main sponsor is B&H Photo Video. Support our site by clicking on the link below. Using the BPN affiliate link will not cost you a penny but will be greatly appreciated.

      Previous Newletter

      The previous newsletter can be found on the BPN Help forum: BPN Newsletter 2, 28 February 2015.

      Topics covered were:

      • Image of the Year selection
      • New Forum: Story Sequences
      • BPN Membership Changes
      • Recurring Payments and Subscriptions and BPN Subscriptions
      • Publisher's Favorite
      • Our Sponsor
      • Previous Newletter
      • Q&A and BPN Support
      • Unsubscribe

      Q&A and BPN Support

      In case of user, posting or other BPN problems, contact me on my BPN email address: peterkes@birdphotographers.net.

      Subscription and payment problems: staffbaa@att.net.


      Should you want to unsubscribe from this newletter, please log in to your account and go to:

      • Settings (top right)
      • General Settings (left sidebar)
      • Find: Messaging & Notification
      • untick the mail notification for "Receive Email from Administrators"

      artie & peter
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