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      Ian Cassell

      Yellow Crowned Night Heron

      Thread Starter: Ian Cassell

      with Sally Lightfoot Crab
      Espanola, Galapagos Archipelago

      Canon 7D
      Canon EF400mm/5.6L

      1/1000 sec f/5.6 ISO 400

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      Moe Ali

      Teleconverters and My First Owl Image (Female Great Horned Owl)

      Thread Starter: Moe Ali

      I spend a lot of time along the river in my city, and have become accustomed to the wildlife I see in the area. I especially

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      Dvir Barkay

      Bald Eagle close up

      Thread Starter: Dvir Barkay

      Ok, a bit experimental, or more how I would crop the image had my lens been a 600/4 with 1.4TC, which would have been better for this. This

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      Kerry Perkins

      Theme: Silhouetted cranes

      Thread Starter: Kerry Perkins

      Ok, they're not really black, but they look black. Does that count? After the sun goes down at the Bosque, the cranes fly in and drop in to the pools,

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      gail bisson

      Sunset Steenbok

      Thread Starter: gail bisson

      I had just one evening with clear skies during my entire trip to Botswana and this was the only animal we found during that golden hour of sweet light.

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      Kerry Perkins

      Pintail pair

      Thread Starter: Kerry Perkins

      Pintail ducks captured at Bosque del Apache NWR on my recent trip.

      1D4, EF400mm f/5.6L
      Manual mode, f/5.6@1/2500 ISO 400 WB 5400K

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      Gabriela Plesea

      Kalahari- A Crowded Desert

      Thread Starter: Gabriela Plesea

      Dear Friends,

      I am posting this tonight to share with you my vision of the Kalahari, at times a place of solitude and other times a crowded

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      Jackie Schuknecht

      Poverty Lake

      Thread Starter: Jackie Schuknecht

      Cropped to pano, and the pier was really this wonky. Another from Algonquin. Added some textures, a new sky, poster edges, and some local adjustments.

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      Marc Mol

      Leaping Kudu!

      Thread Starter: Marc Mol

      A young male Kudu jumps a small water course, accompanied by fleeing Red-billed Ox-peckers, I love how the warthog below seems oblivious to

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      Gabriela Plesea

      Close enough?

      Thread Starter: Gabriela Plesea

      This is for you Andreas, just one of many images we took while you were not looking

      Well done with the wildebeest image, one of your

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    • New Memory Card! XQD

      Sony Unveils New, High-Speed XQD™ Memory Cards

      1Gbps for faster write speed and superb reliability create new possibilities for advanced shooters PARK RIDGE, N.J., Jan 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Giving photo enthusiasts and professional photographers a new level of speed and performance, the new Sony XQD™ memory cards support the recently adopted XQD specification for high-speed, high-performance digital image capture.
      Using the XQD memory cards, XQD compatible high-end DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera users can capture up to approximately 100 frames in RAW format in continuous shooting mode. In addition to outstanding high-speed data transfer capability, the new cards are highly reliable to protect users' data and images.
      "Advanced shooters want to capture the moment in the highest quality possible, and that often means dealing with massive files like RAW images," said Viviano Cantu, Director of Consumer Media for Sony Electronics. "Memory card technology has done a great job of keeping pace, but these new cards give an entirely new meaning to speed and performance."
      The new Sony cards are based on the XQD memory card specification, which the CompactFlash Association recently approved and licensed as an open format. With its ultra high write-speed performance, and when using Nikon's new DSLR "D4," the XQD memory card can record up to approximately 100 frames in RAW format in continuous shooting mode*.
      The Sony XQD memory card achieves stable continuous shooting of RAW images and blazing fast data transfer rates of up to 1Gbps/125MB/s write and read (based on Sony tests and dependent on host hardware) through the PCIe interface, a computer expansion card standard for serial interfaces.
      A unique controller and optimized flash memory enables high-speed data processing, resulting in faster write speed and performance that can't be achieved by conventional compact flash cards.
      Sony is also introducing a USB 2.0/3.0 compatible XQD card reader (model MRW-E80) so users can quickly and easily transfer large quantities of very high capacity data to their PC. Also, an XQD ExpressCard Adapter (QDA-EX1) will be available for use with computers with an ExpressCard™ 34 card slot.
      "As users' needs continue to evolve," Cantu added, "Sony will also continue to enhance the XQD memory card line-up to meet the future requirements of the high-end digital imaging market."
      The new Sony products are planned to be available in February and are estimated to sell at the following retail prices:

      • QD-H16 card, 16 GB, $129.99
      • QD-H32 card, 32 GB, $229.99
      • Card Reader, MRW-E80, $44.99
      • ExpressCard Adapter, QDA-EX1, $44.99

      For information, visit www.sony.net/Products/memorycard/en_us/xqd/index.html.

      Available @ http://www.huntsphotoandvideo.com/
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