View Full Version : Photo opportunities near Sheboygan WI?

Corey Deards
03-19-2012, 01:23 PM
I am headed to Sheboygan WI tomorrow night and will be there for a week. It is primarily a family vacation but I will be able to slip away to do some photography. I am completely unfamiliar with the area and would love some ideas of relatively close areas to shoot. I am willing to drive but needs to be within day trip distance.

Looking for landscape, wildlife and bird opportunities. Not apposed to urban, cultural, or architectural ideas as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Doug Zoern
03-19-2012, 10:27 PM
1) Horicon Marsh is about an hour away. Largest fresh water cattail marsh in the US.
Migrations are getting started. Herons, Egrets, Terns, Pelicans Sandhill Cranes, Fishers, Geese, Ducks, Yellow headed Black Birds, Vultures, Turkey. On the way over you'll drive through a bunch of wind turbines.
The North end is Federal land and access is restricted. The Northwest corner has good trails to get to different habitats. Also a driving trail. You'll get to a boardwalk that goes out into some shallow open water areas so can get some good duck and tern action. Just south of the parking area there has been a popular roosting tree for Egrets.
South end is State land and is open to more hiking but it is a marsh so mostly dikes. The Southeast corner is another hiking area. Walking dikes around/through several large pans. This is the area for Yellow Heads as well as ducks, geese and cranes. Long lens is best.

Along the east side are a couple of dikes that you can drive back on. These are in the Federal area so you should not go out on to the dikes that extend off the main dike. Main Dike Rd is where I Usually see the Pelicans - Pretty far off.

2) There is the Northern Kettle Morain area (30-45 mins). Popular hiking area and known for fall color. May get some spring flowers but most things are just getting started.

3) Head north to the Door County area (Hour away). This is a popular tourist area with Lake Michigan parks and shores as well as parks and shoreline on Greenbay. Some good bluff areas with kayak rentals. Not exactly tourist season yet so not sure if you'd be able to find boat rides. Small artsy type towns along the Greenbay side. More natural areas along the Lake Michigan side and up at the tip. May get some good shoreline/surf action just before or after a storm.

4) Sandhill Wildlife refuge Wood County (2 hours away). 9000 Acres open to explore. It is all fenced in so can't get too lost. Driving trail and hiking trails but you are free to go off trail too. Thousands of Sandhill cranes spend nights on the marsh. This is usually talked about in the fall as they mass for the migration south. Ducks, Geese, Swan, Bison, Whitetail deer, tanager, bunting, turkey, Coyote, otter, Grouse. This is a research area to study populations and environmental impact.

Horicon marsh would be the best bet now. You can easily spend a day driving, hiking and exploring.