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Blake Shadle
03-25-2008, 10:15 PM
This is my first attempt at night time macro photography. I like it :D I've got a new / really old setup that I'm using. Check the tech details for info on the setup.

Shooting Solution
Nikon D200 | Asashi Takumar 100mm f/4 + Asashi Pentax Bellowes unit
Manual exposure, 1/25th @ f/8 | Remote Flash @ 0EV | ISO 400
Full frame | Giottos tripod

Thanks for looking!

Comments welcome and appreciated :)

John Cooper
03-26-2008, 02:11 AM
A fine composition Blake and just goes to show that there is nothing wanting with the equipment of yesteryear !!!
Just wondering if a smaller aperature would have worked better here to bring the rest of the spider into focus. Of course this would also bring the bright stamens into focus - something that you may have tried to avoid. No doubt you tried varied aperatures.

Robert Amoruso
03-26-2008, 11:57 AM
Nice one Blake. I share to same question as John on the aperture.

Blake Shadle
03-26-2008, 12:22 PM
Nice one Blake. I share to same question as John on the aperture.

Didn't even cross my mind! :o Since I've never tried this before I was mainly concerned with sharpness and accurate exposure (which is a little easier when you control the only source of light ;)). I started at f/4, went to f/5.6, and then stopped down to f/8.

I came inside, processed the image and then went back outside. On my next subject I started at f/11.

I'm still learning when it comes to macro, and I'm beginning to realize when shallow depth of field adds to an image. Since I didn't really have any background to be concerned with, I could have stopped down and captured fine detail all over :)

Thanks for the comments and questions.

Ed Cordes
03-26-2008, 08:23 PM
Nit covered. I like the overall effect. The spider is super.

Robert O'Toole
03-26-2008, 09:50 PM
Like it, wish i could see whole FG petal, I think this is the first macro image that looks like it was shot at night that actually was shot at night :)

BTW it is a Flower Spider, a type of crab spider.


Chris Ober
03-27-2008, 03:49 PM
Good exposure on the flashed part. I think it could use some more light on the left side. Reflectors or second flash? Pretty cool.

Mike Moats
03-30-2008, 09:11 AM
Hey Blake, I think you did a overall good job, remember to bracket f/stops just as you would exposure, and then pick the f/stop that works the best when you get home. Well done.

Gus Cobos
04-07-2008, 01:17 PM
Hi Blake,
Like the composition and the spinder, very nice...:D