View Full Version : Bonaventure Island in Late June

Layton E Parham
03-13-2011, 03:32 PM
Planning a trip to Bonaventure Island in late June. Advise need on boat and Zodiac rides, to photograph the Gannets etc.

John Chardine
04-06-2011, 07:01 PM
Hi Layton- I'll be there several times this year working on gannets and making images!

The organisation of the whole thing at Bonaventure is very well done. The island is off the community of Percé, Québec. Percé is a bit touristy but there are lots of choices to stay and eat and I like it a lot. Percé has a big wharf and from there, several companies run trips out to Bonaventure. They all have ticket kiosks around town so there is no problem to get tickets, which cost about $20. Most of the hotels sell the tickets directly too. The first boat in the morning leaves at about 0845 and arrives about 0910. It takes the naturalists over and lands directly. The rest of the boats, which seem to leave pretty well all the time from the wharf, take you around the island before landing. This is a good trip to see the colony from the water. There are also nesting murres, Razorbills, kittiwakes, seals and maybe whales etc. The last boat off the island is at 1700. It takes about 45 minutes to walk across the island from the landing on Bonaventure to the gannet colony so you should leave the colony by about 1600 to make the last boat. Bonaventure is managed by the province as a park and they charge a small fee when you land.

I use Les Bateliers de Percé to go across and if you speak to them, I think they have a zodiac which you can hire separately to go out on the water.


I may see you there.

Layton E Parham
05-13-2011, 06:52 PM

Sorry I missed your post. It has been a while since I checked it. Thank You very much for the info. It is most helpful. Hope to see you there. We have rooms booked in Perce' at " AU fil des saisons, route 132" My wife and I will be there June 22 thru 26. I wish that I had a BPN hat for an ID.

If you are there at the same time, you can call me. 321-537-1283, I can hire the Zodiac. You are welcome to ride with us. Layton