View Full Version : Fall Photography on the East Coast: New England, Great Smoky Mountains, and the Everglades

Jay Gould
03-08-2011, 11:48 PM
Hi, I am doing some long-term planning for a 2012 trip to the East Coast in the Fall.

Basically, the idea is to start in New England when the fall colors are aglow, and then head South showing Jackie New York and Wash DC, then going into the Great Smoky Mountains when they are aglow (I am told that they "glow" later in the year than the NE glows, then down to Florida to do the Everglades and, of course, a sail on a bareboat in the Caribbean.

Along the way there are Denise and Roman in NJ (I am already in trouble - who did I miss?), Chas in NC (Chas and I have been talking about a week together Shooting The Light for several years), and, of course, in Fla (too many to mention all - Artie, James, Jim, Al .........). Hopefully at least one or two of those mentioned in this list before Jackie says enough is enough.

If I were doing the Nat'l Pks of the West Coast I would get a motorhome since we live in a trailer towed by an F450. I am not sure at this point how practical that would be on the East Coast.

I am guessing the trip would start sometime in Sept somewhere in the NE unless I am advised to start earlier or later.

We are probably talking about 4+ months for the jaunt.

All suggestions and urls with appropriate information appreciated.


denise ippolito
03-09-2011, 11:38 PM
Jay, Looking forward to your visit to the east coast!:S3:

Eric Virkler
04-08-2011, 10:19 PM
Jay, Sounds like quite a trip. The White Mountains of New Hampshire should definitely be one of your destinations. Depending on how far north you plan on starting, if I were you I'd make sure to hit Baxter State Park in Maine for the abundant moose population as well as the color.

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Roman Kurywczak
04-19-2011, 04:25 PM
There's a port in NJ waiting for you......and I don't mean the ocean kind:bg3:!

Jay Gould
04-19-2011, 07:56 PM
:cheers: :5

05-22-2011, 08:08 PM
If it helps, the White Mountains of NH usually peak about the 2nd week of October. Make your reservation early.
Don't miss the Kancamangus Hwy just outside of North Conway.

Enjoy your trip. I envy you.

Jay Gould
05-22-2011, 09:38 PM
Hi Lee, the trip has changed; I will only be doing New England in the spring - fall colors some other time.

Cheers, Jay