View Full Version : Artie to Speak and hold workshops at Klamath Falls Winter Wings this February

Don Nelson
12-30-2010, 04:00 PM
Winter Wings -- Klamath Falls, Oregon Feb 18-20

Artie will be speaking on Saturday evening
as well as giving an indoor workshop Sunday:
W17 "Digital Rocks" and "Photoshop for the Birds" (NEW)We've saved one of the best workshops for last! In the "Digital Rocks" part of the program Art Morris will take a look at the reasons that digital is so great for nature photography and for photography in general. In the second part, "Photoshop for the Birds," he'll cover the complete BIRDS AS ART digital workflow from capture to conversion to image optimization. Art will share a ton of great Photoshop tips while processing a variety of images for the group.

The Canon guys will be there putting on some workshops. Last year's advanced workshop covering the MarkIV was pretty good. The Canon folks also bring a bunch of gear to try out (but last year it was mostly 50D and 100-400 that they allowed daily checkout. To use any of the bigger lenses you'd have to attend one of the morning field workshops.)

I'm not affiliated with the group putting this on but strongly advocated last year that they bring in Artie since the Winter Wings has a strong want-to-be a bird photographers conference (for the Western US).

After attending last year (keynote photographer was to be Rick Sammon, but he got caught in an icestorm at the Dallas airport), I'd say the conference has some good things going for it -- one of these is that they listen to feedback and suggestions for improvement.

The Klamath Basin was unusually warm last February with no snow -- but likely to be the usual frozen wonderland this year. Eagles are excellent, as are owls (A Thursday evening workshop is looking for regular Great Gray Owls up at North Klamath NWR). The morning flyout from one of the refuges had over 200 eagles departing for the fields in the refuges. As you'd expect, wherever the water is open there are thousands of Tundra Swans (plus a few trumpeter) plus Snow Geese/Ross Geese and ducks. Bring cold weather gear!

Google their website "Winter Wings" to find out more details.