View Full Version : Golden Valley

Morkel Erasmus
07-26-2010, 02:46 PM
Shot this after a climb halfway up a steep hill one morning on the South African Highlands Meander.

One exposure.

Canon 7D with 10-22mm USM @ 10mm
f16 @ 1/100 SS @ ISO-160

Fabs Forns
07-26-2010, 10:06 PM
Beautiful light and interesting clouds. I think the tree, or main subject should have a more prominent location or at least clearance from the mountain. Take with a grain of salt, please :)

Dave Mills
07-27-2010, 08:52 AM
Hi Morkel, Beautiful light and well handled technically. A diagonal is usually a strong compositional element but in this case IMO there just isn't enough interest in the image to hold my attention.
Fabs point regarding the sticks clearing the mountain probably would of made them more dominant and more an area of interest...

Morkel Erasmus
07-29-2010, 01:02 AM
thanks for the feedback Fabs and Dave...