View Full Version : And the 4th of July Challenge Is...

Julie Kenward
07-01-2010, 01:09 PM
Are you ready for this one?

This 4th of July we're going in hunt for something most of us never think to photograph. The name of the contest is..

THE BPN MACRO/FLORA 'FIVE A DAY' CHALLENGE or "5aD" for short! Yes folks, pull out those fruits and veggies and let's see what you can come up with! Some things to consider when creating your images:

A slice of what's inside
Extreme macros
Still life arrangements
Using leafy veggies as a 'floral' arrangement

Get creative and hit us with your best image!

Days to shoot: Now through Sunday, July 4th
Day to post: Monday, July 5th (Make sure you put "5aD Challenge" in the title so we know who to vote for!
Days to vote: Tuesday, July 6th - Thursday, July 8th
Winner announced on Friday, July 9th!

Have any questions? Need inspiration? Ask away! Then run to the city market, the grocery store, or the family garden and let's see what you can do with fruits and veggies!!! ;)