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Nathan Lovas
03-04-2008, 03:07 PM
We just purchased about 6 acres on a lake, and there is also pond/wetland area that is part of our property. I would like to build a small permanent blind on the shore of this area...I have searched around for plans but haven't had much luck...i have a few ideas, but thought I would see what people here thought...any ideas/comments or places to find plans would be very much appreciated...thanks...Nate:):p;)

Jared Lloyd
03-04-2008, 04:39 PM
i can give you an idea of what many of the duck hunters up here use for permanent blinds.....

first off, most blinds around me are built at the edge of the marsh so they are on stilts off the ground right at the edge of the water. Just think of building a fort as a kid (even if you have to put down 4x4 pilings). These blinds are typically just boxes made with 2x4 and plywood. Some have fancy boat slips that are camouflaged with old x-mas trees and the like. Either way, once you have the box built, decide if you want a roof or not - most duck hunting blinds are roofless, but thats so they could stand up and fire into the air as the birds are coming down. For your case, i would build a roof - again just a piece of plywood but angle it so as the water runs off the backside and you have a bit of extra shade from the sun on the front. Then I would take natural materials you find around the pond, sticks, brush, vines, and the like and attached them to your blind. Ideally you want something that looks like a clump of brush and stuff along the edge.

You may have noticed that not all ponds have birds. Private ponds here in NC with duck blinds are stocked with nutritious food sources for ducks - usually Eurasian Millfoil, but this is an exotic. I would go with something like widget grass around here but it varies depending on you latitude. This is easy to find out, just ask your local wildlife resource commission. Wading birds have different prey depending on the biology of the species. Just remember that your typical waders eat small fish and crustaceans, this being said, you want to make sure that there is a healthy weed bed near your blind as these serve as nursery for the smaller juvenile sun fish.