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06-19-2010, 01:33 AM
Hello everyone.

I am looking to make a birthday trip in February with my wife. For me it will be a chance to go to a birding hot-spot, but not for my wife. She will be much more interested in relaxing with a good book with (or without) the dogs. The problem I have is that I do not know where will be the best place to visit.
I will be driving from Phoenix and do not really want to drive for more than 7-8 hours. I had originally thought of a cabin in the White Mountains, or a trip to the Tucson area... or maybe even a jaunt to Bosque del Apache - I am really stuck!

The ultimate place will have nice accomodations with enough distraction for my wife while I take advantage of avian or wildlife photo opportunities. It won't be too good if she has to a) sit in the car while I am doing my thing, or b) sit in a budget hotel room while I do my thing, or c) she has a great time and I take photographs of the parking lot sparrows!

I figure that if I get some recommendations for my side of the action first. I can then research the possibilities for my wife, to get a shortlist, of which she can make the final decision. That way, I get some good birding but she thinks she made all the decisions! :D

Thanks for any help

EDIT: Any suggestions for areas over 8 hours away would also be welcome - just so that I don't miss a prime opportunity!

Rob Miner
06-20-2010, 06:48 PM
LAS VEGAS,NEVADA for the lady of your life. Short flights-rental cars for your passions. Many workshops are available during this time period. A Workshop could be the best, for time spent.

P.S. Writer of this message is not liable for any marriage issues that insue.:)


Jeff Parker
06-22-2010, 12:03 PM
What distractions does she like?

South Padre Island would be good for beachcombing while you can photograph wading birds, alligators and South Texas specialties at a private ranch set up for photography.

06-26-2010, 02:37 AM
Thanks for the responses. My wife is not an outdoors person at all, her favorite distractions would be shopping, spa treatments, relaxing with a good book etc.
I really like the idea of South Padre Island (she hates Vegas!), another recommendation I had was to try the Tucson area where she can explore the AZ wineries.
Thanks for the help.

David Stephens
07-02-2010, 06:50 PM
A workshop in Taos or Sante Fe would be nice for both of you. The photography is very good and she'll love the better hotels and shopping. For her, Sante Fe is probably tops and she could take a cooking class and see all kinds of great Southwestern art work that she won't see elsewhere. My wife and all her friends love Sante Fe.

The drive down to Bosque is long, but not impossible for you to do at least one day. NM is full of wildlife about every where that you look. If it snows while you're there be sure to get out into the wild areas because the photography can be great when the snow is falling.