View Full Version : Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly, male

Allen Sparks
06-10-2010, 10:17 AM
Canon 40D, Canon 300mm f/4 lens plus Tamron 1.4x SP Pro teleconverter
f7.1, 1/200, hand held

I was happy to find these guys on a recent trip out but found them pretty flighty. Was able to get a few shots. Any comments appreciated.

Ken Childs
06-10-2010, 10:53 AM
I'm glad I didn't post my recent shot of one of these guys. It would have looked pretty poor compared to this shot!

It would have been nice if it had been looking slightly towards you but these things don't hold still for long when people are around so I already know you did the best you could with what they gave you. I probably would clone out the tiny white spot on the wing. Some may say you should have used some fill-flash to lighten up the body but using flash on this bug completely changes the colors and they are very reflective so you usually end up with flash highlights all over the critter.

I saw a bunch of these last weekend while searching the swampy woods for butterflies but I was having a hard time getting decent shots because it was overcast and very dark. The autofocus wouldn't lock on them and it was so hot and humid that my glasses kept fogging up so focusing manually was almost impossible.

Paul Lagasi
06-10-2010, 05:20 PM
Very nice capture, sharp, metallic blue color on edge of wings and body a plus. The sharp spikes on front legs show, why they're related to dragonfies. TFS

I've just started trying to improve my macro images, if it were mine I might give it just a bit more canvas.

Dave Leroy
06-10-2010, 07:34 PM
Those are quite the colours. Very nicely done.

Nice and sharp as well for hh.

If mine I might take a tiny slice off the bottom and terminate the leaf edge somewhere on bottom.

Mike Fuhr
06-10-2010, 11:02 PM
What great detail!! These guys are tough to get -- they don't hold still and are soooo skitish. None of mine have come out this sharp. Nice work. I was just thinking about trying to get one of this species and you just inspired me to go get it!

One thought -- I wonder if you can rotate this so the damsel fly is at an angle. Might add a little more pizazz. :)

Julie Kenward
06-11-2010, 07:33 AM
Nicely done, Allen! I also think cutting off the leaf so it enters the bottom of the frame would strengthen the comp. I'd also clone out the white spot on the wing and the white areas below the feet on the leaf. A lottle more canvas on the top and right would be nice but, if you don't have it, not a deal breaker. Very nice details from tip to end! Really like how the back of the body is parallel to the edge of the wing. Sweet image!

Roman Kurywczak
06-11-2010, 10:05 AM
Hey Allen,
really tough ones to get....skittish as anything out there. For me the wings and a few body parts are a touch dark. I see you used the 40D.....you don't mention a flash used....but that may have been just the ticket to bring the wing details and body details out further. Even the pop up may have done the trick...so just keep it in mind for next time out.