View Full Version : dunescape#8

peter delaney
05-27-2010, 10:47 AM
D3 1/320 f13, iso 400, hand held,

Don Railton
05-27-2010, 08:57 PM
I find this quite beautiful as it stands Peter, nice mood. I am seeing however a slight blue cast in the shadows and it's a pity about the wheel tracks on the sandhill to the left. I think this would be a good candidate to replace the sky entirely with a nice gradient and play with colours etc to create a nice peice of art...



Dave Mills
05-27-2010, 11:17 PM
Hi Peter, good eye by Don in catching the tracks since I didn't notice them. IMO this image is not as strong as your previous images. Your other images had fewer and more clearly defined lines. Your previous skies were more dramatic and I feel you could take a bit off this one.
There is alot going on and a simpler view is stronger...

Roman Kurywczak
05-28-2010, 11:03 AM
Hey Peter,
While not as strong as the previous dunes in the series this one does have a nice flow to it. I think you can play around with this one and give it some more impact. I would start with darkening the sky with either a multiplied layer or even toning down the brightness. As presented the image appears a bit contrasty overall....which I normally like.....I think you need to selectively try and bring out certain areas and then boost the contrast levels....especially in the FG as it feels a bit heavy right now. This one has definite potential so some rework in the PP'ing will help bring it up another notch.

Harold Davis
05-29-2010, 03:49 PM
peter, i'm no landscape critiquer but i do see the blue color cast. it was the first thing i thought when i opened it. i still dont see the tracks so they obviously dont bother me. i like the different layers. kind of reminds me of the layers in the smokey mtns. so any way you can add depth to the image it will add more impact.