View Full Version : Birds in film (as in video)?

edward saltau
03-01-2008, 11:15 PM
Hi guys,
I've been slack on this forum lately but i did just move to New Zealand so maybe that gets me off the hook? And may i just say, New Zealand's bird life is amazing! I can't wait to get stuck in to it.

Anyway, I'm in New Zealand studying a masters degree in Natural History Filmmaking. Basically I love birds and want to make my film on birds. I'll be making a feature length film as part of my course and past student films form this course have been screened in international film festivals worldwide (so you might even get the chance to see it over in the states).
Basically i would like to know what it is you guys would want to see in a bird film. My film will very much have a story (it won't just be footage). What do you think would be cool? any untold stories of remarkable things birds do that you think might make a good film? (i'll just emphasise that i don't want your ideas for films -i would consider that stealing- but more stories that already exist that i could steal from the birds for a film).
Do you want to learn when you see a nature doco or be entertained? Would you consider neglecting the science for the sake of the story as unthinkable or acceptable?

I'll just add that i know this is the "general photography" section and that this probably doesn't belong here (feel free to move it btw) but i just think it would be stupid not to try and tap into the enormous knowledge that exists in the minds of the people on this site. Not to mention the amazing things people have seen. I also figure that if you guys like birds half as much as i do then you'll be stuck to the television whenever you see david attenborough's "the life of birds" come on which means that's you'll have at least some experience of birds on film.
any answers will be appreciated. you can email me at esaltau@optusnet.com.au if you would like.
thanks, edi